Recruiting for Analysts
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Recruiting for Analysts. Panel: Ruth Smyth – RSPB, Shaun Williams –PDSA, David Dipple – Tangible Data, Ben Smith - Amnesty.

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Presentation Transcript

Recruiting for Analysts

Panel: Ruth Smyth – RSPB, Shaun Williams –PDSA, David Dipple – Tangible Data, Ben Smith - Amnesty

Session background: This session involved a short presentation by panel members and then workshops where different groups discussed their recruitment experiences, these notes come from both the panel members and the groups

  • What competencies are needed?The groups were asked to share their top 3, these are listed in bold below:

  • Communication skills x 2 – especially the ability to lead a discussion and gather requirements

  • Analytical thinking

  • Diligence / professionalism

  • Drive

  • Technical skills x 2

  • Understanding of charity fundraising

  • Understanding of stats

  • Ability to make sense of and translate data

  • Thirst, willingness to learn and ability to apply

  • Don’t need to be too formally qualified but need application to business

  • Numerical skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Individual and team worker

  • Logical thinker

  • Time management / planning, responsiveness

  • Expectation management

  • Results driven – don’t get bogged down with the detail

  • Creative and forward thinking

  • Patience

  • Challenging, probing, inquisitive

  • Problem solving

  • Insightful

  • Data visualisation

  • Flexibility / adaptability

  • Plain-speaking

  • Methodical

  • Caring & honest regarding work / mistakes

  • Ability to absorb knowldge

This makes sure they can apply themselves even when the task is boring!

We discussed how important charity experience is – it helps with the language needed but isn’t vital

Some thoughts from the panel:

Communication skills are the most important

Need to be able to communication with IT, finance & marketing

Make sure you don’t just recruit in your own image!

Shaun shared his top 7 tips for recruitment – see last slide…

Recruiting for Analysts

  • I also talked to people over wine in the evening &

  • the following thoughts came up:

  • Job descriptions don’t always match the job

  • If you’re lucky enough to have a team you

  • don’t need every skill in one person

Shaun Williams said this has worked really well for PDSA due to their location

  • What works well when recruiting?

  • Asking about experience

  • Student placements

  • Networking – online sources, linked in etc

  • Testing skills e.g. how approach simple questions, whether understand marketing concepts

  • Using a good agency who understand the requirements

  • Picking a recruitment agency carefully

  • Another idea was to do more telephone interviews to check the candidate has the rights skills

  • – also for candidates to phone employers because it makes a good impression

David said his favourite question is to ask someone to explain standard deviation as if taking to a non-technical person

  • What is challenging when recruiting?

  • Very small pool of people to recruit from

  • Getting someone with good communication skills

  • Charity specific agencies aren’t always the best place to go

  • People looking good on paper & not in interview

  • The ‘unknown’ factor – candidate not knowing about job role, employer not knowing about skills & personality

  • Selling the role

  • Finding people with the passion and communication skills

  • Organisational fit

  • Prior charity experience

  • Replacing someone very respected / been there so long

  • Creating fair tests (short notice presentations)

  • Changing nature of the role e.g. new analysis, web data

  • Steep learning curve in analysis because need to know how the organisation works

  • ‘Specialist’ yet a broad skill set required

  • Varying analysis set-up within charities

  • Budget

  • Needing people with more than one skill

I said David was scary!

We talked about how its also very important to hang onto good people – David Dipple suggested shackles!

Recruiting for Analysts - Shaun Williams’ 7 steps for successful recruitment

  • Conduct a Marketing/Fundraising situational analysis

  • Develop a clear understanding of the organisations needs

  • Design the analytical team structure around defined business needs

  • Build a skills/needs matrix to focus organisational requirements (Critical v Nice to have)

  • Consider your selection process & evaluation criteria

  • Develop your management framework

  • Consider YOUR specific critical success factors