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Build the Team, Live the Dream! PowerPoint Presentation
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Build the Team, Live the Dream!

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Build the Team, Live the Dream! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Build the Team, Live the Dream!. Owning a JOB v’s Owning a Business. Here’s the test for you; What would happen if you were to go on a month vacation right now? Would your business still be thriving, or would it fall apart?

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Build the Team,

Live the Dream!

owning a job v s owning a business
Owning a JOB v’s Owning a Business
  • Here’s the test for you; What would happen if you were to go on a month vacation right now?
  • Would your business still be thriving, or would it fall apart?
  • Would you return to find it doing just as well (if not better) than when you left?
  • Or, would you return to Find complete Chaos & Disaster?
this statement may hurt
This Statement May HURT

If you are like most PT’s, then you now know, without a shadow of a doubt that you really don't have a business right now, you got a JOB

the difference between owning a job owning a business
The Difference Between Owning a JOB & Owning a Business
  • To illustrate this point, we will borrow from Robert Kiyosaki’s famous book Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • Make sure you read it, if you have not yet!
habits of the s quadrant
Habits of the “S” Quadrant
  • Begins by feeling great, liberated & freedom
  • Business starts to build, challenges arise, one day you can be loving everything and then;
  • Find Yourself in a TRAP!
  • Little things start to pile up, one by one, faster than you can keep up, then one of 2 things can happen:

1) You start making mistakes & business will shrink OR

2) To dig in to “get things done” and end up not working 30, 40hrs per week – BUT 60,70, 80hrs / week to keep up!

  • Your Self Employed Job has NOW taken over your life!
burnout is approaching fast
Burnout is Approaching FAST

It May Not Be Your “Fault”, But it’s Your Responsibility to “Fix it”!

where do i start
Where Do I Start
  • It’s not the 1 you take on, but the 99 that you turn away that makes the difference.
  • Fitness College Qualified, Degree Qualified (and still studying)
  • Minimum level of certification; Cert IV, this allows them to be registered with Fitness Queensland and allows them to be insured.
where do you find the personal trainers
Where Do You Find The Personal Trainers?
  • Courier Mail, Local papers – job sections
  • or other websites
  • Fitness Colleges
  • Supplement Stores
  • Fitness equipment suppliers
  • Reputation
  • Give talks & free information lectures
personal training position available
Personal Training Position Available

Do you have a Personal Training Style that you consider to be better than most? Are you a self starter with drive and ambition? Are you an easy person to get along with?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions then we would like to consider you to be a Personal Trainer at Peak Physique.

what makes you and your organisation different
What Makes You and Your Organisation Different?
  • How do you operate?
  • Describe the environment
  • Hours of operation
  • Describe a little about yourself and what your expectations are.
  • Describe your business vision for the next year, maybe the next 3 years
are we going to keep them
Are We Going To Keep Them?
  • Peak Physique Internship Program
  • Peak Physique Personal Trainers Development Program
  • Commence at a Peak Physique PT immediately!
next a little bit about us
Next, a Little Bit About Us
  • Team Handbook
  • PT Development Program
  • Agreement / contract & separation agreement
  • Systems and Procedures- probation period
  • Internship, Development, Nutrition, body composition Handbooks
what you need to do
What You Need To Do…
  • Have a weekly team meeting with an agenda
  • Personal Development, Professional Development, business development
  • Timetables, tax invoices, fill ins
  • Trainers Train
  • Expert Reporting
what you need to do1
What You Need To Do…
  • Teaching, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Guiding, counseling and inspiring
  • Team functions, dinners
  • Team Day’s – activity, days out, drinks, BBQ
  • Brainstorm low-cost activities
scenario 1
Scenario 1

You have a great team member that has been with you for 8 years he has been worth in excess of $200K (net) to your business.

You currently generate $13K / year (net) from your current contract & agreement (he manages & bills clients & pays you a contract fee).

He is a an awesome, loyal team member and a great personal friend.

He has decided to go it alone, so you have a few options:

  • Business is business and you hold the 13 page contract that states your position (and a good one at that!) – go for all the money – be compensated for all you will miss out on
  • Personal Friendship aside, you need to be financially compensated in some way shape or form – negotiate a fee to be paid
  • It might be difficult having the conversation, but it is worth while to maybe see what you can agree upon – maybe there is hope you can be compensated on some level?
  • End the relationship on a positive note, you are not inclined to pursue any negotiations or action.
  • 8 Years is a long time, offer a reasonable sized payout so that person thinks you have been a great boss.