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Opportunities for aquaculture development in the Caribbean ACP States PowerPoint Presentation
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Opportunities for aquaculture development in the Caribbean ACP States

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Opportunities for aquaculture development in the Caribbean ACP States - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Brussels Development Briefing n.32 Fish-farming the new driver of the blue economy? 3 rd July 2013 Opportunities for aquaculture development in the Caribbean ACP states. Milton Haughton, CRFM. Opportunities for aquaculture development in the Caribbean ACP States.

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Opportunities for aquaculture development in the Caribbean ACP States

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Brussels Development Briefing n.32Fish-farming the new driver of the blue economy?3rd July 2013http://brusselsbriefings.netOpportunities for aquaculture development in the Caribbean ACP states. Milton Haughton, CRFM

opportunities for aquaculture development in the caribbean acp states

Opportunities for aquaculture development in the CaribbeanACP States

Milton Haughton

Executive Director

CRFM Secretariat


  • CARIFORUM Countries = SIDs
  • Reliance on aquatic resources for livelihood and food security
  • Threats – climate change, marine pollution, habitat degradation, over-fishing,
  • High unemployment (14-15%)
  • High Food import bill
  • Strategic location between major international markets
fisheries strategically important
Fisheries Strategically Important
  • Employment: up to 182,000
  • Total Fish Production 176,213 MT
  • Aquaculture production – 11,000 MT
  • Exports: 61,000 MT (~US$250 million)
  • Imports: 117,000 MT (~ US$343 million)
  • Livelihood Opportunities
    • poor,
    • vulnerable
  • Food and nutrition security
fish imports mt
Fish Imports (MT)
  • Overall Food Import bill CARIFORUM States:
  • US$ 4.75 billion/yr
  • Can aquaculture help?
processing subsector



Employment opportunity for women


Photo – Courtesy

Fisheries Dept, Belize


Shrimp farm in Belize

Aquaculture has the

potential to make

greater contribution

to economic & social

development if

appropriate policy

frameworks and

incentives are provided

Gov Jamaica - Aquaculture

Research Station

Tilapia Belize

Photo Courtesy of Fisheries Dept. Belize

current state of aquaculture development
Current State of Aquaculture Development
  • Not well developed - Low production
  • 14,146 MT per year from 2000 -2010
  • Belize and Jamaica exception
  • Production peaked at 18,879 MT in 2004
  • Declined since 2007 to < 10,000 MT
  • Recent trend – economic downturn

Sea moss



in Antigua.

Photo – Courtesy

Fisheries Div. Antigua & Barbuda


Seaweed farming Antigua:

Photo Courtesy of Fisheries Div. Antigua

Cobia farming Belize:

Photo Courtesy of Fisheries Dept. Belize

Aquarium Fish farming Jamaica

Tilapia Belize

what about smaller islands
What about smaller Islands?
  • Current activities – tilapia, seaweed, shrimp
  • Limitations – land, fresh water, human
  • Outlook

Cobia farming in seawater

Photo: Fisheries Dept, Belize

Seaweed farming in St. Lucia

Tilapia farming in seawater – St. Kitts

what are the main constraints
What are the Main Constraints?
  • High input cost (energy, feed, land …)
  • High cost of credit
  • Seed supply
  • Competition from imports from Asia & S. America
  • Health and Food Safety Systems
  • R & D, Extension & Support Services
  • Lack of Skilled &Quality Human Resources
  • Natural disaster – storms & hurricanes
  • Water management systems
  • Policy and legislation
a re states still interested
Are States still Interested?
  • Contribute to economic development
  • Create employment opportunities throughout the value chain
  • Increase local supply of fish
  • Improve food & nutrition security
  • Poverty reduction
  • Revitalize coastal & rural communities
  • Diversify economy & build resilience
  • Earn hard currency - export-oriented
where do we go from here regional policy framework
Where do we go from here:Regional Policy Framework
  • Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas - CARICOM Single Market & Economy (CSME):
    • Entered in force 1 Jan 2006
    • Enlarged market among member states
    • Opportunities to produce & sell goods & services & attract investment

Photo Courtesy of Fisheries Dept. Belize

caribbean community common fisheries policy
Caribbean Community Common Fisheries Policy
  • Treaty - Endorsed 2011
  • Key Provisions
    • Objective & Scope “sustainable development of fishing and aquaculture” . ..“production, processing, marketing and trading of fishery and aquaculture products”
    • Several substantive provisions aquaculture
    • Art. 10 Sector Development
      • Joint venture, capacity development,
      • improving the business, financial and insurance environment
crfm strategic plan 2013 2021
CRFM Strategic Plan 2013 -2021

Objective D: Development of Aquaculture

  • Note lack of growth past 10 years & agree to intensify efforts to expand production
  • A strategy to increase supply of fish
  • Adopt Ecosystem approach to aquaculture
  • Establish Regional Working Group
  • Enabling policy and legal frameworks
  • Voluntary guidelines, best management practices and standards
national policy acp fish ii
National Policy – ACP Fish II
  • CAR-3.1-B12: Strategic assessment of the aquaculture potential in Haiti
  • CAR-1.4-B4a: aquaculture land and water use development plan for Jamaica
  • CAR-1.4-B4b: Aquaculture development strategy for St. Kitts and Nevis
  • Fisheries and aquaculture policy Dominica Grenada, and St. Vincent & the Grenadines
  • Support to formulate a fisheries and aquaculture policy for the Dominican Republic
recent donor supported initiatives
Recent Donor Supported Initiatives
  • ACP Fish II Programme – Component 1 – policy and legislation
  • JICA Master Plan for Coastal Resource Management
  • USAID, and FAO Support to Guyana
  • Tiawanese support to St.Lucia, Dominica and Belize
  • Significant opportunities in the Caribbean
  • Growing interest in aquaculture
  • Important role in food security, poverty reduction, employment, & blue economy
  • Realistic dialogue – recognize:
    • Needs, opportunities, limitations
    • Dangers of unregulated, poorly planned
  • Need for R&D, capacity development, strategic partnerships & funding support