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Introduction to Insight CTX PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Insight CTX

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Introduction to Insight CTX - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Insight CTX

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  1. Introduction to Insight CTX

  2. Real Time Component Reporting Package Configuration Tools The Components There are three main components of Insight CTX and Insight CTX+ Configuration Tools

  3. CTX Customer LAN Schematic Toshiba ACD server and Insight CTX Server (Gateway)

  4. LAN Gateway TCP/IP connection To switch Schematic Single license; all applications need not be on the same PC. Reporter and MIS could be installed on many PC’s and run on any ONE Reporter Real Time MIS

  5. Real Time A screen layout is called a template

  6. Real Time • Insight CTX has four templates • Insight CTX+ has as many as you want

  7. The Template • The template is made up of real time display windows • There are five types to choose from

  8. Free - Green Busy - Blue Ringing - Yellow Alarm - Red Logged Off - Gray Unavailable – Dk. Gray Color Coding

  9. Real time status window • Agent status • Time in state • Connection information • Dialed digits Four options to choose from The Display Windows

  10. Large Character Window • Queue length • Wait time • Calls answered • Calls abandoned Over 700 Different Types The Display Windows

  11. Daily and interval • Lines, queues, extensions and agents • Groups • Utilization • Performance Real Time Statistics Window - 10 options to choose from The Display Windows

  12. Calls in QueueGraphical Display Wait TimeGraphical Display The Display Windows

  13. Alarm turns screen area red Alarm Manager The Display Windows

  14. The Reporter

  15. The Reporter • Both Insight CTX and Insight CTX+ have Report Templates • Insight CTX/CTX+366 days - except event reports

  16. Templates contain Report Items The Templates

  17. Report Items are configurable Report Items

  18. Insight CTX + Reports • Traffic Reports • Event Reports • Utilization Reports • Contention Reports • Distribution Reports for Wait Time, Call Time and Wrap Time • Forecasting Reports • Account Code

  19. Report Types • Traffic Reports • These are summary reports and typically contain a single row or column of data for each device. The total values represent the data over the entire period of the report. • These reports are used to look at total volumes of calls handled by call time along with average or total times for each call type or activity • An example here would be an Agent Traffic report which will show activity by individual agent across the reporting period

  20. Traffic Report

  21. Report Types • Group Traffic Reports • Similar to Traffic Reports in that they are summaries but these are by Group rather than by individual. • An example here would be an Agent Group Traffic Report which would show the totals for the Group or Groups as a collection of agents which are members of those groups

  22. Group Traffic Report

  23. Event Reports • These are very detailed reports listing all calls across the Lines (Line Group Event Report) or calls and other activities by Agent or Extension (Agent/Extension Event Report) • They are used over short periods of time to track specific calls or activities as they can become very large reports very quickly • Configuring these to exclude unwanted call or activity types or applying filters for things like dialed digits allows you to “drill down” even further to the data required

  24. Event Report

  25. Utilization Reports • These reports will show the amount of time spent in the various states that an agent can be in. • They are used to track manpower usage to ensure agents are spending the appropriate amount of time on appropriate tasks

  26. Utilization Report

  27. Contention Reports • Contention is a report used to measure blockage. • It will show the percentage of time over the reporting period that x devices were busy and so unavailable • You could see that for 25% of the time there were no free lines or VA ports so you might consider buying some more

  28. Contention Report

  29. Account Code Reports • This report will allow agents to classify calls by adding reason codes to the call. • If you wanted to know how many inbound calls turned into appointments or how many faults were cleared in a Help Desk then the user would enter a code and Insight would then report on the call volume and duration per account code

  30. Account Code Report

  31. Forecasting Reports • Forecasting Reports allow the user to take existing historical data and, performing modifications to that data estimate what the effect would be. • So if the call volume changes how may people would I need might be a sensible report to run. • Many parameters can be modified and many results calculated • Multiple modifications and the effect can be calculated in a single report for comparison purposes

  32. Forecasting Report

  33. Distribution Reports • There are three types of Distribution Reports: • Wait Time Distribution Report • Call Time Distribution Report • Wrap Time Distribution Report

  34. Wait Time Distribution Report • A wait time distribution report provides the number of calls and percentage of calls whose wait time fell within a series of user configurable time bands. • The report can analyze the waiting time distribution of answered calls and/or abandoned calls within a single report item • A report item for each type can be added to a report template to enable analysis of both to be carried out separately

  35. Wait Time Distribution Report

  36. Call Time Distribution Report • A call time distribution report provides the number of calls and percentage of calls whose call time (defined as actual talk time and held time) fell within a series of user configurable time bands. • The report can analyze the call time distribution of incoming calls and/or outgoing calls.

  37. Call Time Distribution Report

  38. Wrap Time Distribution Report • A wrap up time distribution report provides the number of calls and percentage of calls whose wrap up time fell within a series of user configurable time bands. • If auto wrap is used the wrap times will be the same so this report would not be used

  39. Wrap Time Distribution Report

  40. Profile Reports • Many reports are available in Profile versions • A profile report provides historical call statistics data for a selected device type presented in a series of uniform time bands. • The interval time governing the time bands can be any number of minutes, hours, days or weeks. • The appropriate interval should be selected for the report period it will be used for. Hourly across the day would make sense whereas hourly across the week would not.

  41. Profile Reports

  42. Report Templates • Report templates are a collection of Report Items • They should be designed and configured with the users needs and the period over which they will be run in mind • Any number of report templates can be created and saved

  43. Report periods • A standard report is run over a period of time and contains a single row or column for the whole period of the report • A profile report allows the report period to be divided into intervals

  44. Insight CTX+ Reports • Line, DID based reports • Agent, extension and queue based reports • Individual and Groups

  45. The Reporter • Reports can be viewed on screen • Reports can be printed - On demand or Automatically • Reports in Insight CTX + can be exported

  46. Report Creation Enter Start and Stop Date and Time Select Shift Select Report Template OK Call Record Database

  47. Call Record Database ELOG Folder MEMO Folder Each folder contains 100 days data

  48. Configuration • There are three elements to the supervisory package configuration • The real time screen • The reporter • The system configuration

  49. Configuration • The real time screen configuration is contained in a file called misw.ini • The reporter configuration is contained in a file called misreptr.ini • The system configuration is contained in a file called misgen.ini • These are all in the …ToshibaCTX folder

  50. Diagnostics • Used for trouble shooting • Files are very large • Turn off when not in use • Access from Insight Setup