Welcome to your favorite class
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Welcome to Your Favorite Class. Ms. Barba Room 26. Reading & English Language Arts. Information. Syllabus. Contact Information. This information is for YOU to have in a safe place. Use it in case of an emergency or when you are absent. Classroom Rules. Rules are non-negotiable

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Welcome to your favorite class

Welcometo Your Favorite Class

Ms. Barba

Room 26

Reading &

English Language Arts



Contact information
Contact Information

This information is for YOU to have in a safe place. Use it in case of an emergency or when you are absent.

Classroom rules
Classroom Rules

Rules are non-negotiable

  • Come to class prepared.

  • Always do your very best.

  • Listen while others are speaking.

  • Respect each other’s opinions, space, and belongings.

  • Never ever lie…no matter what

Discipline plan
Discipline Plan

If a student breaks a classroom rule, the following consequences will occur:

  • Verbal reminder

  • Detention/ school service

  • Contact parents by telephone, parent conference or home visit

  • Student meets with teacher, parents, and principal or assistant principal

    * number 3 and 4 may be switched depending on the circumstance.


Grades are broken down into 2 categories:

  • Proficient 80% or above = A or B

  • Not proficient 79% and below = C and below

Homework and classwork
Homework and Classwork

  • You are expected to be an active learner.

  • I do not give credit for taking up space and oxygen.


  • Come to school every day.

  • If you’re absent, bring a note.

  • You will need to get your work from me, or a responsible classmate.


  • Line up outside until I let you in.

  • Enter quietly, and and take your belongings to the back of the room.

  • Leave your backpacks in the back and only bring necessary materials to your desk.

  • Once you are at your desk, remain standing until you are allowed to sit.

Lies drama and shoulder shrugging
Lies, Drama, and Shoulder Shrugging

  • Saying I don’t know or shrugging of the shoulders is not an acceptable practice… DON’T DO IT!

  • Please never lie to us.

  • No matter how bad a situation, it is only worse when you add a lie.

Talk about it
Talk about it

I am not a mind reader, so if you are having a bad day…