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INDIA │ 18-20 august 2010. v irtual techdays. Leveraging Federated Search to Search Custom Data. Aviraj Ajgekar │ Regional Site Manager │ Microsoft Corporation │ Email [email protected] INDIA │ 18-20 august 2010. virtual techdays.

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INDIA │ 18-20 august2010

virtual techdays

Leveraging Federated Search to Search Custom Data

Aviraj Ajgekar │ Regional Site Manager │ Microsoft Corporation│ Email [email protected]

INDIA │ 18-20 august2010

virtual techdays

  • Introduction to Windows 7 Search

  • Libraries & Windows Search

  • Windows Federated Search

  • Connecting & Enabling Data Store

  • Open Search Description File (OSDX)

  • Deploying Search Connectors

  • Federated Search in SharePoint Server 2010

  • Best Practices for Windows Federated Search


Browsing or searching for data two ways to look for an answer
Browsing or Searching for DataTwo ways to look for an answer

Windows explorer browse your information
Windows ExplorerBrowse your information

  • Cleaner

    • Intuitive navigation

    • Less clutter

  • Simpler

    • Quick access to everyday tasks

    • More obvious search relevance

  • Seamless

    • Integrated with Libraries and Federated Search

Windows explorer
Windows Explorer

Libraries organize your information
LibrariesOrganize Your Information

  • Index-backed metadata views

  • Aggregates multiple storage locations

  • Enriched experience around documents, pictures, music and videos

  • Based on familiar My Documents experience

  • Deeply integrated with search

Windows search find information on your computer and other windows computers
WindowsSearchFind information on your computer and other Windows computers

  • Evolved Start Menu experience for quicker access to files

  • More obvious indication of relevant search results with features like hit highlighting

  • Integrated Search Builder and dynamic filters

  • Re-scope searches easily

  • TIFF indexing

INDIA │ 18-20 august2010

virtual techdays

DEMO: Windows Explorer, Windows Search & Library

Aviraj Ajgekar│ Microsoft Corporation

Federated search find information on remote repositories
Federated SearchFind information on remote repositories

  • Enterprise information is growing at 40% annually

  • Data is moving off desktops and into central document management systems

    • Collaboration

    • Information sharing

  • Client search of remote Enterprise data repositories is a compelling need

  • Consistent experience across providers

Federated search
Federated Search

  • Easy to enable

    • Small XML connector needed

    • Simple web based

  • End user experience

    • Start menu; Navigation pane; Search again links; Common file dialog

  • Integrated with Windows Explorer, applications and workflows

    • Previews, metadata, drag-and-drop

INDIA │ 18-20 august2010

virtual techdays

DEMO: Windows Federated Search

Aviraj Ajgekar│ Microsoft Corporation

What You Need to Do

  • Enable the data store to be searched from Windows using OpenSearch with RSS or Atom output

  • Create .osdx files that describe how to connect to the web service and how to map any custom elements in your RSS or Atom XML

  • Deploy the search connectors to Windows client machines using the .osdx files.

Supported Standards

  • Windows 7 search federation supports the following standards.

  • For item data:

  • RSS 2.0, 1.0, 0.91 & 0.92

  • Atom 0.3 & 1.0

  • MediaRSS content and thumbnail elements

  • For connection information:

  • OpenSearch 1.1

  • Authentication

  • NTLM

  • Kerberos

  • Basic (only over https)

  • plus any other Security Support Providers installed on the client and the server hosting the web service

Step 1 enabling data store
Step 1: Enabling Data Store

  • What it takes:

    • Web page with a query term as Url parameter

    • RSS results with <title>, <link>, <description>

    • Best sources also include: <pubdate>, <author>, <category>, <media:content>, <media:thumbnail>

Federated Search Provider

  • Search providers should

    • Accept URL queries

      • Example:{searchTerms}

    • Return rich RSS results

  • Windows 7 enables this via

    • XML description of search connector

    • Property mapping

    • Thumbnail and preview URLs

    • Custom view descriptions

Ste p 2 creating an osdx file
Step 2: Creating an .osdx file

INDIA │ 18-20 august2010

virtual techdays

DEMO: Compare .OSDX & .searchConnector-ms

DEMO: Building a Federated Search Provider

Aviraj Ajgekar│ Microsoft Corporation

Step 3 managing deploying federated search
Step 3:Managing/Deploying Federated Search

  • Deployment

    • Use Push or Pull method (GPO support)

    • Lives in %userprofile%/searches

  • Enterprise Search Scopes

    • Available in Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate

    • Give IT Professionals a way to surface data sources

    • Gives Information Workers the ability to quickly rescope their search

    • Controlled though group policy: Pin Libraries or Search Connectors to the “Search again” links and the Start menu

  • Implementer’s Guide

Federated search in sharepoint server 2010
Federated Search in SharePoint Server 2010

By using federated search to return search results:

  • You require no additional capacity requirements for the content index, as content is not crawled by SharePoint Enterprise Search.

  • You can take advantage of a repository’s existing search engine. For example, you can federate to an Internet search engine to search the Web.

  • You can optimize the content repository's search engine for the repository's specific set of content, which might provide better search performance on the content set.

  • You can access repositories that are secured against crawls, but which can be accessed by search queries.

  • A federated locationdefines the federated search connection to the external content repository

INDIA │ 18-20 august2010

virtual techdays

DEMO: Federated Search Locations in SharePoint 2010

Aviraj Ajgekar│ Microsoft Corporation

Best practices for windows federated search
Best Practices for Windows Federated Search

  • Support the {startIndex} and {count} parameters, and be sure to always return the number of items requested unless you are returning the last of the results.

  • Using file extensions is a better way to identify a file type than using a MIME type. If you know the file extension, map it to the System.FileExtension Windows Shell property.

  • Make sure that the MIME type or file extension you specify in the RSS matches the filename and MIME type returned in the HTTP header by the web server that hosts the item when the item content is requested.

  • If you’re returning file items, return a file size whenever possible. This ensures that the download progress dialog is accurate.

  • Verify that requests for items beyond the end of the results set return no results. DO NOT repeat results!

  • Don’t put HTML tags where they don’t belong. Per the RSS specification, they are valid in the <description> field, but not in the <title> field.

  • Don’t create enclosures for web page items. For example, if you create an enclosure and map a file extension of .aspx, you would receive undesired functionality. The file would be downloaded by Windows Explorer to the internet cache and executed from there. In the case of a .aspx file, web browsers do not handle this file type. The user would get an Open With dialog, or the file may be opened by an application like Visual Studio. Avoid this by only returning a <link> element for web pages.

  • Provide a web roll-over URL in the .osdx file using a URL template with type=“text\html”.

  • Provide a URL to the parent folder, container, or web page by mapping a custom element URL value to the “System.ItemFolderPathDisplay” Windows Shell property.

INDIA │ 18-20 august2010

virtual techdays

  • Windows Search Improvments

  • Windows Federated Search

  • Create & Deploy Search Connectors using different Remote Data Sources

  • Federated Search in SharePoint Server Search

  • Best Practices for Windows Federated Search


Additional resources
Additional Resources

  • Aviraj Ajgekar’s Blog


  • Federated Search in Windows


  • Federated Search in SharePoint Server Search


  • Windows 7 Federated Search Provider Implementer's Guide


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virtual techdays

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