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What is a Brand? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is a Brand?

What is a Brand?

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What is a Brand?

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  1. What is a Brand?

  2. Branding is a confusing concept for even seasoned marketers! • ‘What is a Brand’ might seem like a simple question but it is not. • If you are confused about your brand, you’ll end up confusing your customers as well. • There are 5 concepts which define a brand and they are as follows.

  3. The Brand Promise • Your brand is a promise to your consumers. • When a customer buys your product or service – what do they get? • More than just tangible products and services, a brand incorporates the feelings that consumers get when they use your products and services.

  4. The Brand Perceptions • Brands are built by consumers, not companies. • How the consumers perceive a brand, defines the brand. • How consumers perceive your brand is important, not how you perceive it. • Develop consumer perceptions that accurately reflect your brand.

  5. The Brand Expectations • Consumers develop expectations for your brand based on your brand promise. • When they buy your products or services, they assume their brand expectations will be fulfilled. • Its important to meet consumer expectations in everyinteraction. Otherwise consumers will look for other brands that will meet their expectations every time.

  6. The Brand Persona • Every brand has a persona. Think of your brand as a person. • From personality to appearance and everything in between, consumers will evaluate and judge your brand persona before they do business with you.

  7. The Brand Elements • Brand is represented by • Intangible elements – Persona, Expectation, Perception & Promise • Tangible elements - Brand logo, packaging, messaging and so on. • All of these elements must work together to consistently communicate your brand promise, shape brand perceptions, meet brand expectations, and define your brand persona. • If one element goes wrong, your entire brand can suffer.

  8. Brands aren’t built overnight. • Before you can define and live your brand, you need to find the direction that helps you reach your goals. • Develop a brand that promises the right things to the right people.

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