why now is the time to build your personal brand n.
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Now Is The Time To Build Your Personal Brand PowerPoint Presentation
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Now Is The Time To Build Your Personal Brand

Now Is The Time To Build Your Personal Brand

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Now Is The Time To Build Your Personal Brand

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  1. Why Now Is The Time To Build Your Personal Brand Michael Brenner Sr. Director, Integrated Marketing and Content Strategy, SAP Chief Editor, Business Innovation from SAP Author, B2B Marketing InsiderCo-Founder, @BrennerMichael

  2. I think I know what you’re thinking? The top reasons people give for not working out, not eating right, or not building a personal brand: I’m too old I don’t have the time It’s not important (I don’t see the value) I don’t know how

  3. Me, age 3

  4. Me, 20 pounds years ago

  5. Content used to be easy . . . Today, YOU are the news! 50 years ago, Gallup released research that said delivering news is the most effective way to attract people to your business…

  6. Edelman Trust Barometer – Time for Brand You!

  7. Most content is just plain boring?

  8. Because it mainly does this…

  9. But should be more like this…

  10. Why am I active in social? • “Brand Me” • Speak to 1 person • Therapy • The journey What is personal branding?” Those characteristics that make you unique and how you communicate that to the world. The objective of personal branding is professional success and is directly linked to the success of the company we serve. ~ Dan Schawbel

  11. Where to blog? 3 Platforms For SAP EmployeesBusiness Innovation, Forbes, SCN Business Trends Where IT strategy and business value meet . This community space includes expert opinion and insight from knowledgeable SAP insiders that will open doors, connect dots and inspire discussion around emerging business trends Learn how to “run like never before” with the latest News, Blogs and Featured content on the hottest Business innovation topics such as cloud computing, big data, mobile, real-time analytics, sustainability, financial management, human resources, sales and marketing and more. Connecting SAP thought leadership to the world’s top business people on Forbes. The content focuses on the latest issues impacting business innovation .

  12. The myth of business vs. personal profile • We are officially beyond the days where you can have a distinct “personal” and “corporate” profile. You must decide who you are and bleed it. From all accounts! • ~ Lisa Barone Co-Founder, Outspoken Media

  13. The Personal Brand Continuum Manage By Walking Around: The original goal of this blog was to provide information about performance management – the inspiration for the title of this blog, Manage By Walking Around, can be found in my inaugural post.  I’ve shared my own management guidelines and suggested some tips for new managers. B2B Marketing Insider is dedicated to sharing marketing tips that drive real results like sales, leads, and higher customer loyalty, focusing on topics such as lead generation, search marketing, online media, and social strategies. Timo Elliott is a 20-year veteran of SAP His popular Business Analytics blog tracks innovation in analytics and social media, including topics such as augmented corporate reality, collaborative decision-making, and social network analysis. “Write about what you know”~ Mark Twain

  14. Tips for personal branding success • Define audience and set objectives • Why are you talking? • Who are you talking to? • What’s in it for them / you? • Build it in to every day • Scan, filter, read, connect, write, respond • Social media success = minutes per day • Have a goal: 2 blogs per week Tues / Thursday • Build relationships of mutual benefit • Social “gifts:” Retweet me, I might ReTweet you! • The new content rules • If it isn’t a keyword, no one cares • Titles matter • Bullets help • Tell stories: Hero, a quest, a journey, an obstacle and a resolution

  15. Thank You! Marketing Blog: B2BMarketingInsider.comSocial News Twitter: @brennermichael