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What does a Brand Consultant do? PowerPoint Presentation
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What does a Brand Consultant do?

What does a Brand Consultant do?

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What does a Brand Consultant do?

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  1. What does a Brand Consultant do?

  2. Branding consultants • Provide analysis, solutions, and general marketing expertise to help companies successfully sell their products. • Scrutinize, analyze and evaluate the brand identity, brand performance and brand strategy of their clients’ products or services. • Offer expert insights into how their client can revitalize their brand.

  3. Lend their marketing expertise to help a company make key strategic decisions and bring a product to market. • Develop and help implement strategies for both new and existing products • Influence all phases of marketing, from design and distribution decisions to advertising and public relations messaging.

  4. Duties of a Branding Consultant • Gather data, perform market research to identify target markets and assess consumer perceptions, competition, business trends, and product value. • Perform internal audits to ensure the needs and goals of a company's departments are aligned. • This research informs the development of an overall brand strategy, which can affect logo and package design, pricing, placement, advertising campaigns, and customer service messaging.

  5. Decide where to distribute a product, what medium is best for advertising and how to shape product messages for different demographics. • Recommendations focus on brand name, packaging design and visual merchandising to strategy development, copywriting, internal brand engagement and the use of social media and other digital phenomena.

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