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Importance of Colour in Brand Design PowerPoint Presentation
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Importance of Colour in Brand Design

Importance of Colour in Brand Design

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Importance of Colour in Brand Design

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  1. Importance of Colour in Brand Design

  2. Colouris an important consideration in your brand identity system. • The colourof your brand is an essential character in your brand’s story. • When choosing a colourto represent your brand, you must think far beyond your personal, subjective preferences.

  3. Colours have a significant impact on people’s emotional state. • Coloursimpact people’s ability to concentrate & learn. • Colours have a wide variety of specific mental associations. • For eg: • Blue is the most calming of the primary colors, followed closely by a lighter red. • Yellow evokes cheerfulness. 

  4. Selecting The Right Color For Your Brand • Select a color that properly fits your strategic positioning. • Selecting a color (and color scheme) for your brand must represent the audience emotional associations and desires, and the value proposition or promise your brand brings to those desires. • Selecting the appropriate color to represent and differentiate your brand must be based on several criteria:

  5. Target Audience • Different consumers are affected by color in different ways. • Choose a color that best anchors the meaning of your value to your audience and distinguishes your brand from the competition in the category. • Brand Archetype • Choose a color that best represents the attributes of the archetype for your brand.

  6. Culture • Color means different things to people in different parts of the world, in different cultures • An important consideration while selecting the color that represents your brand in markets the brand servesis thedemographics and psychographics that are most dominate in the culture.

  7. Colors define your brand’s value, strengthen and support your brand positioning, enable greater awareness and customer recall, and distinguish your brand among its alternatives. • Picking the right color should never be underestimated.

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