when does transition become development n.
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When does Transition become Development

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When does Transition become Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When does Transition become Development. UNDG-ECHA Workshop on Transition Session 6 Maldives Country Presentation. Before the Tsunami. UNDAF I (2002-07). UNDAF MTR. June 2004. 2000. 2001. 2002. 2003. 2020 Vision. Sixth National Development Plan.

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when does transition become development

When does Transition become Development

UNDG-ECHA Workshop on Transition

Session 6

Maldives Country Presentation

before the tsunami
Before the Tsunami




June 2004





2020 Vision

Sixth National

Development Plan

Presidential speech announces Constitutional Reform process

2020 Vision

President elected to an unprecedented sixth term in office

Millennium + Five Summit

Maldives selected as pilot country for Harmonized UN Office


Jan 2006

Jan 2008

Jan 2005

Sept 2005

Sept 2005

Jan 2005

Sept 2005

LDC Graduation

MDG Report

Seventh National Development Plan

before the tsunami1
Before the Tsunami
  • High economic growth (per capita income of $2800) and impending graduation to middle income status.
  • Democracy Deficit: Limited direct accountability to local communities and highly centralised government decision-making structures.
  • Environmental vulnerability to rising sea levels. Significant waste-management problems
  • Small but strategic UN presence for over 25 years. Maldives selected as a pilot country for harmonized office.
impact of the tsunami
Impact of the Tsunami

National impact with over one third of the population directly affected

28,000 people displaced

Over 6000 house damaged or destroyed

Significant losses in the tourism and fishing economy with losses equivalent to 62% of GDP

Cost of reconstruction estimated at around $340m

the relief phase
The Relief Phase

GOM-UN-WB Joint Assessment

UNDAC Team Arrives

UN Flash Appeal Launched

Feb 2005

Jan 05

Jan 31

Mar. 05

Dec 26 2004

Dec 28 2004

Jan 2005


National Recovery and Reconstruction Plan

Relief Phase Ends

NDMC Established

short term response
Short-Term Response
  • Joint Needs Assessment carried out by GOM-UN-WB
  • GOM publishes National Recovery and Reconstruction Plan (NRRP) focused primarily on asset replacement.
  • UN provided substantive comments that results in Human Development and MDGs being reflected in the NRRP.
  • UN involved in series of joint aid coordination meetings during the first half of 2005.
  • UN develop a common strategy for recovery and Transitional Results Matrix.
where do we stand today
Where Do We Stand Today

Implementation of the NRRP underway and new coordination structures developed to speed up delivery.

The Seventh National Development Plan drafted and will incorporate the last two years of the recovery effort

There is a three year window of opportunity to make a significant difference

The Maldives can match its impressive economic growth with an equally significant transition to an inclusive, democratic society grounded in equal rights for all..

the recovery phase

UN Flash Appeal MTR

UN Strategic Framework


Jan 2006

Jan 2008




Seventh National Development Plan

The Recovery Phase
un assistance
UN Assistance
  • Support to enhance the Government’s capacity for aid coordination through the D.A.D.
  • Resource Mobilization and Capacity Support
  • UN Strategic Framework for Recovery
  • Links to the office of the Special Envoy for Tsunami Recovery
  • Support to insure information gets out to the affected communities
  • Enhance transparency and accountability – to donors and also to communities.
the transition strategy
The Transition Strategy
  • Reflects adjustments in UN programmes because of the tsunami
  • Looks at recovery as a process of transforming the challenges of the tsunami into opportunities to accelerate sustainable long term development
  • Provides an overall framework to guide the UN’s support to the recovery effort over and above bilateral support from specialized agencies
  • Based on and supports existing government policy documents – e.g. the NRRP and NDP – and strengthens the existing relationship with the UN
  • Gives a three year perspective of UN support for recovery and development in the Maldives
  • Foundation for a long-term partnership with the Government of the Maldives.
the united nations will focus on
The United Nations will focus on
  • Ensuring that the recovery process is focused on helping the country to get back on track to achieve the MDGs.
  • This will take place alongside the promotion and protection of human rights
  • The pursuit of the principles of good governance in accordance with the Millennium Declaration.