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The Gunpowder Plot

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November 5th. The Gunpowder Plot. a nd Guy Fawkes. Today…. Why is November 5 th a special day in England? The story of Guy Fawkes – The Gunpowder Plot. How we celebrate Guy Fawkes Night in England. Guy Fawkes word search. November 5 th poem. Guy Fawkes.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Why is November 5th a special day in England?
  • The story of Guy Fawkes – The Gunpowder Plot.
  • How we celebrate Guy Fawkes Night in England.
  • Guy Fawkes word search.
  • November 5th poem.
guy fawkes
Guy Fawkes

Over four hundred years ago, in 1605, there was a man called Guy Fawkes.

james i
James I

James was the King of England in 1605.

(King - 王)

king james i and guy fawkes
King James I and Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes did not like King James I. They had different religions and King James wanted everyone to worship God in the same way as him. If they didn’t, they had to pay lots of money or even go to prison.


Guy Fawkes wanted to kill James I.

So he and his men made a plan….

The Gunpowder Plot

the gunpowder plot1

Gunpowder - 火药 Plot - 情节

Each year the King would visit the Houses of Parliament in London, Westminster.

The Gunpowder Plot

Guy Fawkes and his men tried to dig a tunnel.

But they hit a wall and couldn’t dig any further.

the gunpowder plot2
The Gunpowder Plot

Instead, they rented a cellar under the Houses of Parliament.

They put 36 barrels of dynamite in the cellar.

Guy Fawkes hid in the cellar. He was going to light the fuse on the dynamite which would blow up Parliament and kill James I.


On October the 26th 1605 King James I received a letter warning him not to go to Parliament on November the 5th.

Guy Fawkes was captured and put in prison.

The king was saved.

The people were happy.

To celebrate, they lit bonfires in the streets of London.

This is why we call the 5th of November Bonfire Night.

november 5th
November 5th

We celebrate on November 5th to remember the day the King was saved and the Gunpowder Plot failed.

the celebration guy fawkes night
The Celebration! – Guy Fawkes Night

As with all celebrations, there is lots of food!

  • Toffee apples
  • Sausages
  • Jacket potatoes
  • Hot soup
  • Parkin cake
  • Marshmellows
  • Hot chocolate
  • Hot dogs
guy fawkes night1
Guy Fawkes Night

People gather around bonfires.

Bonfire - 篝火

guy fawkes night2
Guy Fawkes Night

Children play with sparklers!

guy fawkes night3
Guy Fawkes Night

There is a big fireworks display!

Let’s watch some fireworks in London


the rockets go up into the sky
The rockets go up into the sky.

Look at the beautifulcolours.





Complete the word search


Guy Fawkes Poem

Remember, remember the 5th of November,

Gunpowder, treason and plot!

I see no reason why gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot.

what if
What if?

Thankfully, the Houses of Parliament were not blown up.

But…what if the Gunpowder Plot had actually worked?!

  • Today, we learnt all about Guy Fawkes and November 5th.
  • Now I know what happens on November 5th in England.

November 5th

Thank You class