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First Grade News

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First Grade News - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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First Grade News.

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First Grade News

In Math we are finishing unit 7 which focuses on comparing numbers. We learned about the symbols less than, greater than and equal to. The main concepts are comparing numbers that are greater than or less than another number with pictures, words and models. This is a short unit so we will also start Unit 8 this month which teaches us how to add and subtract two digit numbers!! We will use different strategies to add and subtract such as drawing pictures, using a hundred chart, using models, making a ten, and using tens and ones.

In Readygenwe just finished up our opinion writing and reading to learn how to become good classroom citizens. We used T-charts, Venn Diagrams and Webs to help us collect information and make connections to our books. We read two books that taught us what it meant to be a good classroom citizen and then we finished up the unit by writing our own opinion piece. We learned how to state an opinion and support it by using evidence. We are now starting a new unit and we are learning to be good global citizens! We are learning about children all around the world! We are visiting countries such as Kazakhstan, Kenya and Canada. We are comparing and contrasting ourselves to the children around the world and how they learn. At the end we will write an explanatory text comparing ourselves to a child in another country that we learned about! We are learning how to be great citizens!!!

In Fundationswe have started Unit 6 which focuses on the suffix –s . We learned that the suffix –s can also sounds like “z”. We also know that we underline a base word and circle the suffix –s. Our trick words for the unit are: were, are, when, who, went, where, there and here.

In Science our students are still learning about all different kinds of weather! Then they will be discussing the different seasons!

In Social Studies weare learning about different types of communities and the people and places that make up the different communities. We are also discussing the different holidays that we celebrate in February.


School is closed Monday February 17-

Friday February 21st for President’s Week.

We have a Trip Tuesday, February 25th to the Museum of Natural History.