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FTA Application Process

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FTA Application Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FTA Application Process. Go to www.virtualarmory.com For FTA applications. Click Federal Tuition Assistance. NOTE: Go into tools to change pop-up blockers. Click on Popup Blocker. Click Here. Put www.nationalguardbenefits.com – here then click “Add”.

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fta application process

FTA Application Process

Go to


For FTA applications


Login using your AKO username and password. If you do not know your password then contact AKO Help Desk.


Please read each SOU point listed to understand your requirements to receive FTA

Click to continue


Click on “Select School” to fill in your school information

Please make sure you fill in your Goal (i.e., Associates, Bachelors, etc.)

Input your degee plan (ie, Math, Accounting, Sociology, etc.)


Click on the state your school main campus is located

After you locate the state – click on the first letter of your school name then below click on the school that you are attending from the list.


Notice that your school information will pre-populate.

After you complete the other information about your degree and goal, fill in the begin date and end dates of your classes. (yyyymmdd) – click “Continue”


Input your classes from your schedule – follow the example below.

If you don’t know the cost per hour look at your billing statement (take your total tuition rate (just tuition, no fees) divide it by the number of credit hours you are taking then put that amount in the cost/hour spot for each class.


We will pay for Classroom fees (registration, athletic, labs but no books, housing, meals) – list the total amount of fees in the fees column – also list the specific fees in the remarks

Notice the total.


If your school has a flat tuition rate then you can put it here and let the program break it down – do not put in fees here – then continue with “Review”


If there are 3 green checks then everything you input is correct. If you have a red “X” then correct the error to continue


Please note whether this is a New Request or Updated if you are making changes – please use the remarks for any information that I may need to know.

Print your application BEFORE you submit for proof if we do not receive it then click Submit to send the application to us.

After you have submitted your application:
    • Please go in later and check your AKO email account.
    • You will receive one email that informs you that your application was received.
    • The other email you will receive will inform you if you have been approved or denied.
    • If you are denied, there will be an explanation listed. Once you correct, the denial reason, please resubmit a new application on www.virtualarmory.com
    • If you receive an approval, please take a copy of the email to your school for verification. (Usually your business office or student accounts offices will need the copy)
After the Education Office receives the application:
    • The application will be reviewed and denied or approved.
    • If your school is an Arkansas school, this office will periodically notify the school of the approved list for that semester.

NOTE: If you receive a bill from the school: DO NOT PANIC!

    • If you have the approved email then we have notified your school.
After notification to the School:
    • Payments will not be made to your school UNTIL AFTER the last day of 100% withdraw.
    • This means it won’t be paid until a month into school – please make sure you have access to other funds until this time.
If your classes don’t start on the same date such as Central Baptist College where one course starts then 5 weeks later another course starts, please be sure to put in an application for every new course starting at different dates.
  • If you are attending a traditional college or university where are all classes start at the beginning of the a regular semester, only one application is necessary.
If you have to contact this office for any reason, you can direct your initial questions to CPT James Nolley, the Education Services Officer at (501)212-4021.
  • If you have GI Bill issues, please contact LT Norris at (501) 212-4027
Please make sure you have an approval email PRIOR to stepping in the door of your classroom.
  • If you don’t have an approval, this means we may not have your application and you risk having to pay for your classes.
  • All applications need to be here NLT 1st day of class. No exceptions!
  • For budget purposes, we are asking for all spring and fall applications be turned by Dec 31, or 31 Jul consecutively.
  • Make sure you turn in your grades within 30 days after completion of your classes or you WILL NOT receive further FTA benefits.
  • If you drop any courses that we pay for you will owe this office a recoupment for the course prior to being approved for further FTA.
  • WE DO NOT PAY FOR COURSES MORE THAN ONCE!!!!! You can apply for the course but when we calculate your application we will omit the cost of that course.