grading and feedback work team
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Grading and Feedback Work Team

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Grading and Feedback Work Team - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Grading and Feedback Work Team. Year in Review. The Kleenex Effect on Grades. Strategic Plan Goals. Research and implement improved grading practices that provide feedback that clearly communicates student performance related to course goals, standards, and Mission-related outcomes.

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strategic plan goals
Strategic Plan Goals
  • Research and implement improved grading practices that provide feedback that clearly communicates student performance related to course goals, standards, and Mission-related outcomes.
  • Increase parent involvement and communication regarding assessment and assessment results(to begin June 2012)
  • Review and revise student progress reporting systems to communicate student growth toward Stage 1 desired results and criteria in all courses (including longitudinal rubric development)
  • Dr. Randy Eikel
  • Terry Martinez
  • Kevin Beckner
  • Martha Leader
  • Dr. Becky Litherland
  • Nancy Urnes
  • Bridgett Kovis
  • Beth Knes
  • Patrick Shelton
  • Dr. Bonnie Maxey
  • Jason Adams
research and literature reviews
Research and Literature Reviews

Districts Nation Wide

  • Grain Valley School District, Missouri
  • Moraga School District, California
  • San Diego Public Schools, California
  • Park Hill School District, Missouri
  • Middleton Public Schools, Rhode Island
  • Littleton Public Schools, Colorado
  • Montgomery County R-2, Missouri
  • Derry Township School District, Pennsylvania
  • Santa Barbara Public Schools, California
  • School District of Marshfield, Wisconsin
  • Paramus Public Schools, New Jersey
  • Kirkwood School District, Missouri
What is the Purpose of Grading?

What Influences Grades?

Why is Grading Important?

our hope what is the purpose of grading
Our Hope: What is the purpose of grading?
  • Accurately reflects and informs what students have learned
  • Continual and ongoing
  • Informs instruction
  • Student self-assessment, reflection and goal setting
  • Removes bias
  • Not punitive
  • Immediate feedback given
  • Consistency
  • Assesses multiple areas separately….academic vs. behavior
  • All students have an opportunity to learn
  • Support learning
our hope what influence grades
Our Hope: What Influence Grades?
  • What students have learned relative to standards
  • Evidence of transfer
  • Multiple measures
  • Accurate data provided
  • Evidence of transfer
our hope what is grading important
Our Hope: What Is Grading Important?
  • Communication about learning
  • Common understanding of standards and how they are measured
  • Young people are given a sense of achievement and capable of being successful
  • Tool for future learning
  • Reflect “all students” learning
this we believe about grading practices
This We Believe About Grading Practices
  • Principle #1: Anything that distorts the ability of the grade to accurately communicate student achievement should be excluded from the grade calculation.
  • Example: Zeros, Late work, dishonesty, comparisons to others, extra credit, and behavior.
  • Principle #2: Academics and Learning Behaviors should be separate in grade calculation.
  • Principle #3: A grade is best communicated by individual standard.
  • Principle #4: Grades should reflect:
  • Current level of achievement reality rather than average of performance over time.
  • “Collection” of best evidence regarding student’s achievement of standard.
  • Example: Alternative assessments, professional judgment, retaking assessments.
five year plan communication
Five Year Plan: Communication
  • Grading Summits (beginning next year)
  • Teacher Feedback
  • Community Feedback
  • Student Feedback
five year plan professional learning
Five Year Plan: Professional Learning
  • Common Vocabulary
  • Grading Practices
  • Best Assessment Practices
  • Support with Report Card
five year plan report card development
Five Year Plan: Report Card Development
  • Aligned with Common Core
  • Electronic
  • Developed and rolled out in stages
    • K-5
    • Middle
    • High School


    • K-2
    • 3-5
    • Middle
    • High School
five year plan rubric development
Five Year Plan: Rubric Development
  • Curriculum Action Teams
  • Descriptors and definitions for each standard listed on the report card