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My TbI Journey

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My TbI Journey. By, Tawnya Padilla Fifth Annual Washington State TBI Conference May 23 and 24, 2013. Owning my Business. Emergent Distributing 2012. T Town Body Treatments- 2013. T Town Body Treatments. The emergence of something beautiful.

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My TbI Journey

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my tbi journey

My TbI Journey

By, Tawnya Padilla

Fifth Annual Washington State TBI Conference

May 23 and 24, 2013

owning my business
Owning my Business

Emergent Distributing 2012

T Town Body Treatments- 2013


I want to share that I am thankful. This attitude is what got me through this painful experience. Before any therapies I received, I kept being thankful for being alive. I kept giving blessings up. I kept being thankful for the breath of life.

Today, I know that without these events and special people in my life, I wouldn’t be healed. I give thanks to my Husband, Sister, Mom, and children. They are my caregivers. They love me for who I am today. Most importantly, I love myself.

Today, I am thankful for my new business. I am excited to sell natural and Organic wellness products. If this accident never happened, I would have missed out on all of these life changing events.

Written by Tawny Padilla

March 22, 2012

looking back
Looking back

August 26, 2008- Accident

February 6, 2009- Retired from my job

March 23, 2009- Acquired Tourette Syndrome and retained a lawyer

April 2009-Advocated for myself and went to a Neurologist that my own insurance covered

May 2009- First Annual TBI Conference

email to wanda buckner reiki master date 5 12 09

Email TO:Wandabuckner- Reiki MasterDate: 5/12/09

I can filter out noises in a crowded area now

I can remember daily what I am supposed to do

I can write, type, and use full interesting sentences like my old self

I am much happier and at peace with my new self

I have no headache

I am not overwhelmed, I have my intimacy with my husband, and I feel like my old personality is coming back!

my professional team
My ProfessionalTEAM

Myself- patient

Medical Doctor



Speech therapist

Support groups

Vision therapist


Vocational Rehabilitation

my care
My care

According to the TBI toolkit produced by the Washington State Dept. of Social and Health Services,

I am entitled to frequent assessments and diagnostic tests. These may include:

  • Neurological exams
  • X-ray
  • Ct scan
  • MRI scan, Angiogram
  • ICP monitor
  • EEG
  • Neuropsychological battery
my rehab and what i told my neurologist

My Rehab and what I told my Neurologist

Rehabilitation programs should be individualized. Rehabilitation channels the body’s natural healing abilities and the brain’s relearning process so that an individual recovers quickly and efficiently as possible. Rehabilitation also involves learning new ways to compensate for abilities that have permanently changed due to the brain injury.

social security ticket back to work
Social Security- Ticket Back to work

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

The DVR Mission:

To empower individuals with disabilities to achieve a greater quality of life by obtaining and maintaining employment.

caseworker job coach teamwork success
Caseworker+ job coach= Teamwork= success!

Tawnya Padilla- Client

Matt Newton- DSHS/DVR

Brian Jaeger– Inside Works

community volunteers
Community Volunteers

Independent living rally,

Olympia, WA. On 3/6/13

Board President of BEST,

Board President of BIAWA, Past Board President of BIAWA, at the BIAWA Pyramid ale house fundraiser, 3/14/13

all because of vocational rehab
All because of vocational rehab
  • I started Labor and Industries, Vocational Rehab with service provider, Vadis, in November 2010.
  • I was employed in 2011.
  • I started my own business in 2012 and then another with the support of the Department of vocational rehab this year (2013).

Without the support of my TEAM and my perseverance, I would not have had such a productive year in 2012 and now 2013. I want to say “Thank you”, to everyone on my TEAM!