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A Lessons Learned Process PowerPoint Presentation
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A Lessons Learned Process

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A Lessons Learned Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Lessons Learned Process
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  1. A Lessons Learned Process Celebrate the Successes Learn From the Woes Natalie Scott, PMP Sr. Project Manager

  2. Agenda • Case Study Project Scope • Lessons Learned Objectives • Approach Methodology • Lessons Learned Process • Lessons Learned Tools

  3. Case Study Project Scope • Large Project • Two+ Years • Multi-Department Participation Across Multiple Releases • Case Study included >70 Resources Within Two Releases

  4. Lessons Learned Objectives • To provide insights to project dynamics in order to execute projects more efficiently and effectively • To provide opportunities for team members to share their views of project execution • To provide a review of technique and approach that serves as a guide for future projects

  5. Approach Methodology • Individual interviews with Management Team, Test/QA Management, and Business Department Heads • Discussion groups with project participants from Information Systems and Business Departments • Surveys of Project participants • No contractor participation

  6. Lessons Learned Participants • Discussion Groups – 2 groups with total of 24 participants • 1:1 Steering Committee/Management Team Interviews - 11 • Anonymous Surveys - 38

  7. Lessons Learned Process • Meet with Program Office Director to determine if formal Lessons Learned Sessions are appropriate for project. 2. Assign Project Manager to facilitate Lessons Learned Sessions • Not the PM who led the project • Training and/or experience with process

  8. Process • Confirm stakeholder groups within I/S, Business Units, & Executive Management. • Schedule Lessons Learned sessions. • Provide history, context, other info to Lessons Learned Project Manager

  9. Process • Facilitate Lessons Learned Sessions • Conduct Executive/Management individual interviews • Compile results from sessions, interviews, and anonymous surveys.

  10. Process • Present to Program Office Director and Executive Sponsors. • Provide feedback to project team. • Enter Lessons Learned documentation into Lessons Learned database.

  11. Executive Interview • Perceived project scope • Team construction • Vendor management • Interaction with business departments • Project team/organizational dynamics • Project reporting and communication • Training and support • Systems implementation • Things that went right • What could have happened better • Suggested best practices

  12. Anonymous Project Surveys • Surveys were developed and distributed to each of the participant groups (IS, Business Depts., Management) • Anonymous survey had nine fixed and three open-ended questions • Objective was to provide overall “feel” for project success and to provide additional avenues for feedback.

  13. Survey Question Examples Questions rated on scale from 1-5: • The project was a success in that it met the requirements for compliance. • The project helped our business operate more efficiently. • Contractors provided needed knowledge and expertise. • IS provided the necessary resources for project success.

  14. Survey Question Examples • The right resources were assigned at the right time to implement the system. • The project team was focused and worked well together as a team. • The system was properly tested before being put into production. • System support staff were well trained prior to implementing the system. • Users were well trained prior to implementing the system.

  15. Survey Question Examples Open ended questions: • Three things on the project you considered a success • Three things on the project that can be improved in future projects • Personal success you are taking away from the project • The one area that needs the most improvement

  16. Survey Data – Charted

  17. Lessons Learned Session Questionnaire Questions rated on scale from 1-5: • Session was well organized and made good use of the meeting time available • Ample opportunity to present concerns and suggestions • Session will help future projects Open ended questions: • Best part of session • Part of session that could be better • Comments

  18. 20 surveys returned Scale 1-5 Session was well organized Ample opportunity to present concerns Session will help future projects Avg. 4.05 4.40 3.90 Lessons Learned Session Survey

  19. What Did We Learn About the Process? • Large resource commitment • Neutral PM gets better results • Requires follow-up commitment


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