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Abdul Rao USF

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  1. Google Health Is a Safe Platform to Store Healthcare Information

  2. Many cost-effective, secure, and flexible platforms for enterprise-wide information sharing are currently in use in healthcare industry world-wide. In addition to increasing the efficiency of the healthcare providers and facilities, this integration has radically improved the quality of healthcare delivered to the patients.

  3. However, most existing platforms lack the ability to integrate information across various enterprises thus greatly limiting the usefulness of these applications. More importantly, they lack the most critical feature of endowing the patients and their caregivers the ability to access their comprehensive healthcare information in a secure and user-friendly environment.

  4. With advances in information technology that we have witnessed in the past decade, accomplishment of this goal is only a matter of strategic investment of resources and commitment. This is also in conformity with President Obama's earlier declaration of creating comprehensive digital health records within the next five years.

  5. Under the leadership of Dr. Abdul Rao, the Institute of Women s Health of North America; the largest healthcare provider for women in Florida, has started implementing a strategic plan to not only create an enterprise-wide paper-less environment in all its campuses but to make it available to patients and their caregivers in a safe and user-friendly environment.

  6. While speaking at an International Health Information Technology Forum in Sarasota, Florida, Dr. Abdul Rao, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Research Officer, the Institute of Women s Health of North America North America, laid emphasis on the importance of creating a cross-enterprise electronic platform for timely integration of patient-specific healthcare information.

  7. With the help of Google health, which is a secure, safe and highly flexible electronic platform, the patients can store and manage their comprehensive healthcare information in a central place. Its features such as user-friendliness and 24/7 accessibility were extremely important in the selection of this platform

  8. By a group of users who were invited by the Institute of Women's Health of North America to participate in this process. It is anticipated that by July 2010, majority of the patients in the Institute s affiliated campuses would have established a Google Health account, allowing their data, with their prior consent, to be securely uploaded into this platform.