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2010 Be User Group Program

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2010 Be User Group Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2010 Be User Group Program. Agenda. 2010 Basic Support Program 2010 Funding Support Program Support Request Process Rules & Requirements Start-up Groups/In-active Groups Incentives Learning Units Be Together Questions. 2010 Basic Support Program.

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  • 2010 Basic Support Program
  • 2010 Funding Support Program
  • Support Request Process
  • Rules & Requirements
  • Start-up Groups/In-active Groups
  • Incentives
  • Learning Units
  • Be Together
  • Questions
2010 basic support program
2010 Basic Support Program

Upon request and in compliance with the support request process, all user groups that are officially registered, active, and established for one year are eligible for the Basic Support Program:

  • Speaker/Presenter Recruitment: determined by availability, will be fulfilled upon receipt of your meeting agenda draft
  • Agenda Support: suggestions/support available to assist in building your agenda
  • Promotion: email promotion offered upon request for all Be Meetings; in addition, when appropriate, we will cross-promote your Be Meeting at other Bentley events, on Bentley.com, Facebook, Twitter, and the Be Communities Website
  • Registration: badge holders, badge stock, lanyards, pens, and door prizes (User Groups are responsible for managing their own registration process/system.)
  • Collateral: Year in Infrastructure, Be Magazine, and other Bentley collateral offered
  • Vendor/Sponsor recruitment: assistance in vendor/sponsor recruitment upon request
  • Be Communities: User Group Officers gain access to the Be User Group Officer Community, exclusive to active officers, offering forums, blogs, resources etc.
2010 funding support program
2010 Funding Support Program

Three levels of funding, hardware, and technical support are offered upon the completion and compliance of the support request process. Based on the number of non-Bentley attendees at a Be Meeting, user groups may qualify for the following:

  • Level 1 Non–Bentley Attendees: 50-99
    • Be User Group Basic Support Package
    • Hardware – 20 computers, monitors, AV upon request and as needed
    • Invoice up to $2,000 USD
  • Level 2 Non–Bentley Attendees: 100-199
    • Be User Group Basic Support Package
    • Hardware – 40 computers, monitors, AV upon request and as needed
    • On-site technical support for hardware
    • Keynote Speaker, determined by availability
    • Invoice up to $7,500 USD
  • Level 3 Non–Bentley Attendees: 200+
    • Be User Group Basic Support Package
    • Hardware – 60 computers, monitors, AV upon request and as needed
    • On-site technical support for hardware
    • Keynote Speaker, determined by availability
    • Invoice up to $15,000 USD
2010 support request process

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2010 Support Request Process

Please follow the support request process by filling out all online forms and not directly emailing information to the user group team. Forms MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE REQUESTED DEADLINEin order to ensure proper and efficient Be Meeting support.

rules requirements
Rules & Requirements
  • A Be User Group must be officially registered (i.e. fill out your “officer list” form) with Bentley and established as active for one year to qualify for the full support program.
  • All deadlines and event support processes must be followed in order to receive the outlined support. If requests come in after the noted deadline, Bentley cannot guarantee sufficient support and reserves the right to decline the request.
  • All requests for presenters and speakers must come directly to the Be User Group team, not to the individual desired presenter or speaker.
  • Requests outside the parameters of the program are required to be submitted to beusergroup@bentley.com and approved in advance AT LEAST 12 WEEKS PRIOR to the scheduled Be Meeting.
  • Be Meetings should not include vendor/sponsors that directly compete with Bentley. Details must be worked through with the group in advance.
  • Be User Groups are responsible for all costs and invoices for their Be Meeting. Bentley Be Meeting funding support will be provided as outlined in this document upon completion of the post-event support process.
  • All user group events should be promoted as a Bentley sponsored event, displaying the Bentley logo on the conference agenda.
  • By following the support request process and meeting the requirements as defined above, ensures full Be Meeting support. If a user group needs any adjustments to the process, or requirements, they must discuss their needs with the Be User Group Team AT LEAST 12 WEEKS PRIOR to the Be Meeting.
  • Bentley reserves the right to decline support if these requirements are not met.
start up groups in active groups
Start-up Groups/In-Active Groups


The Be User Group Team will assist users in starting a new group through three steps:

  • User Group Survey - Bentley will send out a survey questionnaire via e-mail to research the level of interest from Bentley users in the area. The results of the survey are collected and forwarded on to the initial requestor. The requestor is encouraged to contact these parties to set up an initial meeting.
  • First Meeting - Users develop an agenda for the first meeting. The meeting agenda addresses activities such as developing a charter, electing officers, deciding membership fees, etc. 
  • Second Meeting/Subsequent Meetings – Newly elected officers are responsible for follow-up meetings to discuss group plans. After a group has been established for one year they are eligible to take part in the full Be User Group Support Program (i.e. Funding Support)

* Funding will be provided for start-up group’s initial meeting per request, maximum 500 USD.


  • Defined as any group who has not held a Bentley sponsored Be Meeting for one year
  • In-Active groups are not guaranteed full support for a Be Meeting and are required to follow the support request process in order to become active and secure support.
2010 user group officer incentive
2010 User Group Officer Incentive

Based on 2009 Be Meeting attendance, officers are eligible to receive:

  • 100-199 non-Bentley attendees
    • 1 user group officer receives 3 nights free hotel accommodations to attend a Bentley-sponsored event
  • 200+ non-Bentley attendees
    • 2 user group officers
      • Registration fee waived at a Bentley-sponsored event
      • Receive 3 nights free hotel accommodations to attend a Bentley-sponsored event

Bentley will not pay for incidentals, food/beverage service, or internet; only the fee for the hotel accommodation. To redeem, officers must submit all receipts with remit to information to beusergroup@bentley.com

2010 attendee incentives
2010 Attendee Incentives


  • “Try two before you buy and get a free gift”
    • Try two live training courses before you buy and receive a free gift (live training previously known as distance learning)
  • Discounted Bentley Institute Press Books
    • Discounts will be offered on all BI Press Books
    • An updated 2010 listing of books/prices (along with an order form) will be posted to the Be User Group Officer Community on Be Communities
    • Books will be available to order via fax/email as well as at several User Group events
  • All User Groups eligible
2010 learning units
2010 Learning Units
  • Learning Units are available for approved sessions/workshops
  • Bentley presenters will take attendance in approved workshops/sessions, recording only user names NO EMAIL ADDRESSES
  • Attendees currently in our system will automatically be assigned Learning Units for their achievements
  • Attendees not in our system have the option to be entered to start recording their Learning Units to their online training transcript
    • Information required for entry in system: Organization Name, Organization Address, User Name

Learning Units (LUs) help quantify the number of Bentley Institute training hours you have completed, and are tracked on Bentley Institute transcripts. Each time you complete a Course Offering with the Bentley Institute, Learning Units are added to your online Training Transcript

be together the be communities live conference
Be Together: The Be Communities ‘Live’ Conference
  • May 17-20, 2010
  • Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA
  • Community-minded event built on the innovative ideas of its members, as well as of Bentley User Groups around the world
    • Focus on increasing the skill sets of Bentley users through hands-on technology sessions,
    • Facilitate learning through product-management-led presentations of product updates,
    • Promote career and professional development,
    • Provide networking opportunities,
    • Include a wide range of vendor exhibits.