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Progressive Movement Excludes Pictures PowerPoint Presentation
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Progressive Movement Excludes Pictures

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Progressive Movement Excludes Pictures
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Progressive Movement Excludes Pictures

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  1. Progressive MovementExcludes Pictures

  2. Farmers --Right---farmers tried to sell them abroad but other countries were producing enough food for themselves Soooooo many farmers-tripled ---More farmers equals more crops ---More crops means price lowers because had more than the market needed ---What would you do if you had too many crops for the U.S. market? --In the early 1880’s 80 cents a bushel for their wheat --By the 1890’s they were lucky to get 71 cents

  3. Farmers losing even more money • Even though prices were falling their costs to run the business were not • Paid same for loans for machinery • Paid same for handling and storing crops • Paid same for shipping their goods on the railroads Farmers came up with an idea They thought that if Americans bought foreign goods then those countries would have more money to buy American goods 2

  4. Farmers • In order for Americans to buy foreign goods that would have to lower the tariffs(taxes) on foreign goods • Democrats said YES let’s lower the tariffs • Republicans said NO let’s not • Republicans won • Benjamin Harris became president 3

  5. Grangers and Farmers’ Alliances • Farmers decided if they were going to get help it had to be from themselves • Formed a society called the Grange--old English word meaning farm building • Formed markets to take out the middlemen • A depression in the 1870’s caused much of this to fail and the grange fell apart When the grange failed farmers started to form alliances which would demand help from the government 4

  6. The Populist Party • The Farmers’ Alliance created their own party to run for elections • Party wanted • Government to own and run the railroads • Tax higher incomes more than lower incomes • Asked for an eight-hour workday • Said Senators should be elected by the people • Vote to approve or disapprove of laws Who would dislike the Populist Party? Business people disliked the demand for a government takeover Do you remember the term where the govt owns businesses rather than individuals 5

  7. Panic of 1893 • Depression threatening the US • Thousands of businesses failed • Unemployment soared by 1894 3 million workers out of a job • Farmers were hurting some had to leave their farms 6

  8. Recommendation • Jacob Coxey a farmer in Ohio decided something had to be done • organized an army of unemployed workers to March on Washington D.C. 1,000 marchers • Government wanted a reason to arrest Coxey because he was causing a scene and problems so they arrested him for… • Coxey started a trend D.C. would see many more marches to the Capital to protest injustices 7

  9. Election of 1896 • Nobody wanted Cleveland back because they blamed him for the depression • Republicans chose William McKinley--Gold • Democrats chose William Jennings Bryan--Silver • Bryan went across the country giving speeches • McKinley campaigned from his front porch

  10. Uncle Sam:--"See here, Columbia, I want you to send that fool boy away. I don't want any 'experiments' tried on me while I am in this condition. Send for McKinley."

  11. Progressive Goals Muckrakers were a big part of the progressive movement-dug up the dirt and told the public Jacob Riis was a muckraker who wrote about sanitation Ida Tarbell was a muckraker who wrote about John D. Rockefeller Lincoln Steffens was a muckraker who uncovered political corruption • End government corruption and monopolies • Improve conditions in factories and end child labor • Temperance movement---end consumption of alcohol • Women suffrage--Equality for women

  12. Tweed Ring • One of the most corrupt political machines • William Marcy Tweed • Members of his ring stole $75 million dollars from NY city • They made even more by accepting bribes • They controlled the city council, mayor, judges, and lawyers • Muckrakers exposed him and he was arrested and sent to jail • Thomas Nast cartoonist helped bring him down

  13. Temperance Movement • Some progressives were disturbed by poverty and crime and they blamed LIQUOR • Called attention to the evil effects of alcohol • 1873 women held prayer meetings at saloons and formed the Women’s Christian Temperance Union • They asked states to ban the sale of alcohol • By 1914, 1/4 of the states had banned the sale of alcoholic beverages

  14. Woman Suffrage • Many progressives were suffragists-people who supported the right of women to vote • If women voted they could elect reformers • Stanton and Anthony famous suffragist • Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 • Wyoming was one of the first states to grant women the right to vote---look map on pg 351-- • Women worked very hard to earn the right to vote • held protests and marches • In 1919 Congress approved the 19th Ame • It was finally passed in 1920

  15. African Americans Seek Equality • Few progressives took an interest in the issues that concerned most black Americans • It was up to African Americans themselves to raise their voices against the injustices of segregation and the violence of lynching that they faced in both the North and the South • Ida B Wells a muckraker spoke out against the horrible lynchings that still occurring---an angry mob wrecked her presses and threatened her life she simply moved and continued on with her crusade • NAACP--National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was founded by W.E.B. Dubois, Ida B. Wells, and Mary Church Terrell--Jane Addams joined in their efforts