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Knee Replacement Options (The Attune Knee)

Knee Replacement Options (The Attune Knee). By: Brian Myette BME 281 Section 2. The Problem/Background. Complete Knee replacement surgery is the most common joint replacement procedure.

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Knee Replacement Options (The Attune Knee)

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  1. Knee Replacement Options(The Attune Knee) By: Brian Myette BME 281 Section 2

  2. The Problem/Background • Complete Knee replacement surgery is the most common joint replacement procedure. • Osteoarthritis- As one ages, inflammation forms in the join, OA is the end result of extreme inflammation in the knee. • Rheumatoid Arthritis- A disease that effects both of the knees. Can happen at any ages. It destroys the cartilage in the knee. • Post-traumatic Arthritis- Very common in athletes. Happens due to injury in the knee ligaments, femoral fracture, or Meniscus tear.

  3. Cont… Studies have shown higher incidence of anterior knee pain in unresurfaced patellae due to replacement surgery. The Goal of engineers is to produce a knee system with a “patella friendly” Femoral component. The Study • Evaluate the mechanics of the unresurfaced patella. This was compared with natural and resurfaced motion conditions of the patellofemoral joint. • It tested the kinematics of the implant, and it strain on the patella.

  4. History • 1891 German surgeon Theophilus Gluck performed knee replacement using Ivory to replace the joint. The ivory joint was connectedand stabilized using plaster. • In 1974,researchers at Mass Gen developed "total condylar knee," a plastic component that resembled the traditional knee structure and allowed for total joint replacement with limited motion. • In the 1980’s the concept of “moble-knee Replacement” was coined. The component was not completely fixed, which offered for more motion and higher angle of knee flexion. • In the Early 90’s The LCS and Sigma knees were designed. These models focused on eliminating the strain on the patella after surgery, without taking away from the knee flexion ability. • 2011- The First Attune knee was used in surgery, and was extremely sucessful. The patient had full control and 90 degrees on flexion in the knee within 2 weeks.

  5. The Attune Knee • The Attune knee is ideal for patients with Painful and disabled knee joint resulting from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic arthritis where one or more separations in the joint are involved. • The implant also can be used to correct varus, valgus, or posttraumatic deformity • The implant has more anatomic geometry, with a deep patellar groove and a wider lateral ridge

  6. ATTUNE Advancements • Match the anatomy of virtually any knee found in a person, because it is designed and tested based on size and shape of the knee, and the gender and ethnicity of the patient. • It is made of a unique polyethylene plastic insert which should create the longest lasting and strongest insert ever created. • This insert and the larger perfect area for the patella provides for greater range of motion and significantly quicker recovery.

  7. Future • New Materials- metals and plastic components. • Computer systems used in surgery to “improve” the quality of surgery, and decrease the percent of patients that need corrective surgery.

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