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  1. By:Jacob Green Leonardo da Vinci

  2. What? You have probably heard the name Leonardo da Vinci before and maybe you asked your self: “Whats so great about Leonardo da Vinci?” Well,the fact that he was a polymath (A person whose expertise spans a significant number of subject areas) is enough,but more specifically he was a:Scientist,mathematician, engineer,inventor,anatomist,painter,sculptor,architect, botanist,musician,and writer. But where did it all start? Well...

  3. Birth Leonardo was born on April 15th 1452 at 3:00 AM in Vinci,Florence He was the illegitimate son of Piero da Vinci,a notary, and Caterina a peasant Leonardo's childhood home in the town of Anchiano

  4. Childhood Leonardo was self taught with the exception of him being the apprentice of Verrocchio, a famous painter and architect Driven by the goal he set at a young age to know how everything worked in nature Andrea del Verrocchio

  5. Love for nature and animals He was a vegetarian and found it cruel to kill animals for meat He drew directly from nature unlike other artists He bought cadged birds just to set them free! Leonardo also drew the first countryside picture Leonardo was very fond of nature and animals and it motivated him.

  6. Leonardo was very advanced for his time. His techniques of art,design,and engineering were so advanced that even today as we make these inventions,experts say Da Vinci hit it right on the dot. But what were some of his inventions and techniques? Lets start with art. Unique?

  7. Art techniques In the Mona Lisa,Leonardo used two unique techniques Sfumato,(Sfo-ma-toe)which makes a smoky,dark effect Chiaroscuro,(Key-are-ose-curo) which is made of light and dark colors to make a luminous,3d effect

  8. Mirror writing Leonardo used mirror writing in his journals which was upside down and backwards Experts say this was most likely to prevent people from stealing his ideas

  9. Inventions Leonardo sketched many inventions that are used today such as the tank, scuba diving equipment,a robot,and the helicopter and “Flying Machine” but never invented most of them.

  10. Flying Machine Leonardo loved the idea of flying He designed a bird like machine based on anatomy (see slide 11) Unknown if ever tested but there is a legend that Leonardo tested it on one of his pupils resulting in a broken leg

  11. Anatomy Leonardo was trained in the field of anatomy by Verrocchio Anatomy is a branch of biology and medicine and learning how the structure of a living thing works

  12. Anatomy He was given permission to dissect human corpses This lead him to the invention of the artificial heart Anatomy was strongly discouraged by Roman religious groups

  13. Sadly,everyone must die at some though...

  14. Death of a genius Leonardo da Vinci died on May 2nd 1519 in Amboise,France at age 67 He had a paralysis on the right side of his body and had an illness

  15. So you can see why he was so great!And there is still much more to be learned about him. There are many amazing things that he did and we only talked about a couple of them,maybe you'll find out discover something new about him!

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  17. Made By:Jacob Green