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Aaron Ardaiz Certified Welder

Aaron Ardaiz was born in Corvallis, Oregon before moving to Albany, where he spent the majority of his life. He attended college in the city, providing him with all of the tools he needed to enjoy a successful career as a welder.

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Aaron Ardaiz Certified Welder

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  1. Aaron Ardaiz Certified Welder Aaron Ardaiz always understood that in order to provide the largest range of services to clients he would need to educate himself thoroughly on the subject of welding. This is why he made an effort to gain his 3G, 4G and 6G certifications after graduating from Linn Benton Community College with a major in Machine Tool technology, allowing him to work with a range of tools. Aaron Ardaiz has enjoyed success throughout his career as a professional welder, including a six-year stint with the National Welding Corporation that saw him ply his trade all over the United States. There are a number of key traits that a welder must possess in order to be a success and enjoy continued career advancement.

  2. Aaron Ardaiz Computer Savvy Aaron Ardaiz quickly came to realize that technology was becoming increasingly important in the workplace, even in more manual trades like welding. This is why he has made a special effort to train himself in the use of a variety of computer programs. He is now competent in the use of the Microsoft Office suite, in addition to Netscape Navigator and Master Cam 7.

  3. Aaron Ardaiz Experienced Welder Aaron Ardaiz has worked with a wide variety of tools during his time as a welder, including Mig, Stick, Tig welding and machine tools. He built on the base of knowledge that his degree from Linn Benton Community College provided him, working with a number of different companies throughout the course of his career. He believes that he learned something valuable in every place that he worked. Aaron Ardaiz notes the best way to learn about welding is to do it, so once your education is complete look for companies that are offering apprenticeships. This will offer you first-hand experience that you can build on.

  4. Aaron Ardaiz Sports Fan When he is not working hard as a professional welder, Aaron Ardaiz can often be found enjoying sports. He is a fan of both baseball and football and loves few things more than relaxing and taking in a game after a hard week of work. He also played both sports in high school and believes that he learned about the importance of dedication and teamwork during this period.

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