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Aaron Cook
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Aaron Cook

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  1. Aaron Cook

  2. Who is he • Aaron Cook is a English taekwondo Olympian • He was born on the 2nd of January 1991 and is 21 years old.

  3. Education • Aaron attended Manor Park First School, St. Osmund's Middle School and the Thomas Hardye School, all in Dorchester. He never completed his GCSE examinations, as he was concentrating all his efforts on achieving Olympic success. He is planning to return to full time education once his fighting career has ended.

  4. How he started • Cook started tae kwon do when he was five because of Power Rangers. His mum and dad thought it was good for self-defence and dealing with bullies and he fell in love with it from the first session. • When he was eight his dad built a gym in the garden so he could train twice a day. It meant he was training more than anyone else his age.

  5. Senior competitions • He competed in his first senior competition, the Dutch open championship, when he was 16, and won a bronze medal. • He won his first senior gold medal a week later at the German open championship. • In January 2008 he qualified for the 2008 Olympic games.

  6. Olympic Debut • He made his Olympic debut at the 2008 Games in Beijing. He narrowly missed getting the Bronze medal against the Chinese representative Zhu Guo, after some dodgy dealings by the referee.

  7. Hopes for the 2012 Olympics • In June of last year Cook quit the British Taekwondo high performance squad after a disappointing year. • He moved back in with his parents and trains in a gym built by his dad in his back garden. • He also takes weekly trips to Manchester, where he trains with the former Manchester United fitness coach to improve his hand-eye coordination, agility, speed and strength, and with Steven Turner, a royal marine who’s been in Afghanistan. • His dream is to be the greatest taekwondo athlete of all time so he has to beat Steven Lopez’s five World Championships and two Olympic golds. He says ‘I want to be doing it until I’m about 40’.