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Target Internet Ventures, Inc

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Target Internet Ventures, Inc. 275 Madison Ave Suite 601 New York New York 10004 Executive Summary . Overview:. TIV is an internet developer and marketing organization using it’s own and affiliated web sites as an advertising platform

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target internet ventures inc
Target Internet Ventures, Inc
  • 275 Madison Ave
  • Suite 601
  • New York New York 10004
  • Executive Summary
  • TIV is an internet developer and marketing organization using it’s own and affiliated web sites as an advertising platform
  • The company plans to advertise many of it’s own products and those of affiliates on its websites.
site structure
Site Structure
  • TIV has engineered all its sites to share banner space and be controlled from one location.
  • One advertising banner can be automatically inserted on all 50 sites at one time.
  • Each site may have up to 15 pages with advertising banners throughout.
interlinked websites
Interlinked Websites
  • Many of the pages on one site link through Hot Buttons and Hyper links to subjects and pages on other owned or affiliated sites
  • General interests will be served with the planned opening of over 50 separate sites in the next six months
banner advertising
Banner Advertising
  • Total number of advertising banners controlled by TIV throughout its 50 sites may equal 5000 banners.
  • The company’s goal is to reach 1 million individual hits per day within it’s 18 month rollout.
  • An additional 100 sites are planned within 36 months
  • During holidays, our own sites, ,, , will be advertised
  • . E-travel USA will have links to every airline in the world and every travel search engine. Each click will earn money for the company.
real estate
Real Estate
  • Our real estate sites such as will link with our , and other affiliated partners.
  • Real Estate Brokers and Mortgage Brokers will advertise extensively on the site.
dating and companions
Dating and Companions
  • Our singles and dating site will expand using the identical format building out , .
university dating
University dating
  • We intend to target cities and geographical areas where many colleges and universities are located and link them making our singles and dating site available to only their students.
  • We may charge a small quarterly fee of $10/qtr .We project having 1 million college students signed up within 18 months.
lost pets
Lost Pets
  • Our utilizing the same database/ software as the dating sites will offer a search for lost pets by zip code.
  • $12 per month will be charged to download your lost pet’s picture and details.
  • We project 5000 lost pet owners will sign up for the service within 18 months.
pet advertising
Pet advertising
  • will be advertised in local news papers with Banner ads being circulated throughout the TIV system.
  • Free samples of pet health foods and products will be offered and advertisers such as Petco, Purina, Petcare, Heartguard, have been approached.
fashion models
Fashion Models
  • We intend to launch , geared to the young adult woman or man seeking a career in modeling.
  • Posting their picture on the site along with their height, weight, hair color, eye color, and experience level.
  • We will charge each model $11.99 a month We will offer a separate entrance for professional talent and modeling agencies.
  • Rollout of is expected in October 03 with a projected 5000 world wide participants.
  • Banner Ads through the TIV system will target girls and boys 15-30 for modeling careers.
sports and entertainment
Sports and Entertainment
  • Sports will be a popular drawing point. We have agreed to affiliate our sites with and
  • Our will advertise extensively on these sites . Free tickets will be offered to sports and entertainment events in order to build readership. Free tickets will be advertised throughout the TIV system to collect e-mail addresses building our data base and readership .
games puzzles
Games & Puzzles
  •, offers several games and IQ tests with prizes. links the reader to gaming sites, lottery sites, casino sites and advertises inexpensive hotel packages ( under $100/night) and travel packages from all major cities to Las Vegas, this information being interlinked to our in house travel site.
home page
Home Page
  • Home page development starting with offers surfers and internet based individuals a home page with everything on it.
  • Click search engine and you will get every search engine in the universe, click travel and you will get links to every airline and travel site in the world. Cars , every auto site, phone numbers every phone number in the world , reverse directories.
we have everything
We Have Everything
  • Need directions to go someplace , we have every map directory in the world , weather, we have every weather directory in the world.
  • We can tell you the water temp at buoy 54 in the Mediterranean . Watch planes on live radar , circle and land at thousands of airports. TV guide and movie times are available in one simple place with one simple click.
  • Many interests are served at this site, health, mortgage, lottery, pharmacy, jobs etc. This is where it all begins and ends. Everybody is led here and returns to this site.
site monitoring
Site Monitoring:
  • All sites are monitored daily for individual hits, and pages viewed ascertaining advertising results and sponsorship.
  • E-mail traps are set up to measure interests in various sites and to build a database of e-mail addresses.
  • Free giveaways are offered to attract new readers, and to enhance switching between affiliated and owned sites. closely.
  • Revenues grow quickly from the paid sites, university ,,
  • University dating with 1 million students nationwide signing up for $3 a month generate $3 million a month in revenues.
  • Pets and Metmodel with 5000 subscribers/users could generate $50,000 per month each.
revenue processing
Revenue Processing
  • Credit cards are processed and automatically charge monthly or quarterly until the customer cancels his service.
  • Processing is done automatically once set up. Goods and services are sold and offered with markups over 50%.
  • Hotels and casinos advertise heavily and pay handsomely for a gaming advertising audience..
thank you
Thank you
  • Thank you for viewing out executive summary , we appreciate your attention.
  • Contact us at below
  • Visit us