salt nicotine why it s so popular nowadays n.
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Salt Nicotine – Why it’s so popular nowadays? PowerPoint Presentation
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Salt Nicotine – Why it’s so popular nowadays?

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Salt Nicotine – Why it’s so popular nowadays? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nicotine salts or salt nicotine eliquid is extremely popular nowadays. We have done a deep-dive into nicotine salts and tried to understand why it is so popular and what are the benefits? To know more -

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Salt Nicotine – Why it’s so popular nowadays?

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introduction what are nicotine salts

Introduction – What Are Nicotine Salts ?

Nicotine salts or salt nicotine eliquid comprise natural nicotine (extracted from tobacco plants) and some organic compounds.

This form of nicotine has a more stable molecule, giving you a harder throat hit that makes the nicotine get absorbed into the bloodstream much faster than traditional e juices.

As the nicotine is a treated form, which saturates both the nitrogen ports, the harshness associated with freebase nicotine gets neutralized. Salt nicotine works only with high ohm, low wattage devices, like PODs.

benefits of nicotine salts why should you use it

Benefits of Nicotine Salts – Why Should You Use It ?

  • It’s natural to ask why you would try salt nicotine e liquid rather than sticking to your conventional freebase nicotine e juice. Well, here are the benefits you gain from using nicotine salt:
  • As you use higher nicotine juice, there is no need to take frequent puffs, and you save money in the long run
  • The nicotine gets absorbed in the bloodstream at a faster level, giving you a quicker throat hit
  • As the juice is highly concentrated, you need a less expensive low wattage device like PODs
  • As the nicotine salt is more stable than the freebase form, the juice will last longer, without degrading the quality
do nicotine salts benefit people making

Do nicotine salts benefit people making the switch from smoking to vaping?

Most conventional tobacco cigarette smokers struggle with vaping because they fail to get the instant satisfaction of nicotine hit that they normally receive from tobacco cigarettes.

Salt nicotine e liquid is able to provide the required nicotine hit, even quicker than a tobacco cigarette gives. The experience is also more satisfying and even with higher nicotine concentration; the throat hit is a smooth one.

As the nic salts are in highly concentrated form, there is fewer requirements to take frequent puffs. Thus, salt nicotine based e juices work perfectly for those who are trying to quit smoking and switch to vaping.

where to find e juice with nicotine salt

Where to find e-juice with nicotine salt?

There are many top notch companies in the market that offers nicotine salt e liquid. However, we think is the best, as it offers e juices made by the reputed brands in US only.

They also offer free shipment for orders which are of $50 and above. Apart from most popular brands, they have a separate section for the legendary e juice manufacturer, VGOD.

thank you for your time

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