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Evolution Review

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Evolution Review. Is "brown hair" a genotype or a phenotype?. Does natural selection work directly on genotype or phenotype?. Name two sources of genetic variation. True or False: Height in humans is an example of a polygenic trait.

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If birds with thicker beaks have a greater advantage over birds with thinner beaks, what type of selection is this?
If birds with small beaks can eat small seeds and birds with large beaks can eat large seeds, what type of selection is this?
In small populations, individuals that carry a particular allele may leave more descendants than other individuals leave, just by chance. Over time, a series of chance occurrences can cause an allele to become more or less common in a population. What is this phenomenon called?
The Hardy-Weinberg principle predicts that 5 conditions can disturb genetic equilibrium and cause evolution to occur. Name three of those five conditions.
Two populations of squirrel are separated by the Grand Canyon. What type of isolation is this?