how yobykes are better than petrol bikes n.
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How YObykes are better than petrol bikes PowerPoint Presentation
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How YObykes are better than petrol bikes

How YObykes are better than petrol bikes

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How YObykes are better than petrol bikes

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  1. How YObykes are better than petrol bikes

  2. YObykes aretechnologicallymost advanced electric bikesinINDIA!


  4. How are they different from petrol-vehicles? YObykes are battery-operated, economical, zero pollution and easy to ride two-wheelers. YObykes are based on electrical technology where the BLDC motor replaces the conventional engine. YObykes can be charged as easily as a mobile phone wherever electric power connection is available. Once fully charged, YObykes can travel up to 75kms in one go depending on the load, speed & road condition.

  5. How do they run? On the application of start/ignition key, the controller gets activated. It sends electronic signal to other electric components & gives signal to controllers. The controller senses the signal & supplies power proportionally to the motor and the electric vehicle moves.

  6. What is a MOTOR? YObykes are fitted with Brushless Hub motor – A permanent magnet DC motor with brushes replaced by rotor position sensors and semiconductor switches. As this motor is placed directly in the wheel, smooth torque is easily obtained. There is no wear & tear and no frictional losses. Efficiency is also more compared to brush motor. Motors are rated in terms of voltage and output in Watts.

  7. What is a BATTERY? Battery pack is the ‘fuel pack’ for YObykes. YObykes are provided with Dip discharge VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries that are sealed batteries which don’t require any water to be filled up. No maintenance is required in these batteries. Battery packs are rated in volts (V) (typically in multiplies i.e. 12V) and amp-hours (AH) of energy.

  8. What is a CONTROLLER? The electric motor controller, the ‘brain’ of YObykes provides electric power to the motor based on inputs from the accelerator. Controllers are rated in voltage and maximum current (Amp). A controller with a higher Amp rating can deliver more power to the motor. A high-quality controller will allow smooth & precise control over acceleration and avoid overloading of the motor.

  9. What is an ACCELERATOR? It sends an electronic signal to the electronic controller allowing the ride to precisely and smoothly control the speed. What is CHARGING TIME? If the battery is completely discharged, it takes around 6-8 hours to completely charge it.

  10. What is a BATTERY CHARGER? Charger converts an AC supply to DC, in order to store power in the battery. This charger can be used with any normal domestic AC plug point. This makes charging of battery pack easy and convenient. The charger provided with YObykes is designed to avoid overcharging.

  11. To know more about ourYObykes,please Thank you!