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Importance of Web Designing PowerPoint Presentation
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Importance of Web Designing

Importance of Web Designing

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Importance of Web Designing

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  1. Importance of Web Designing

  2. What Is Web Designing? • The process of designing a particular webpage or website in such a way that makes websites usable and user friendly is known as web designing. • It is that art which increases user flow on any website and also allows search engines to better rank your websites •There are some important factors of web designing like site speed, headers and footers.

  3. Benefits of Well Designed Websites • More Customers • Distinction From Competitors • More Visitors Who Stay On The Page • Consistent Brand Identity •  Polished Details • Reliable Partnership

  4. Points To Keep in Mind Before Designing Your Webpage • Forging a flexible future • Finessing your fonts • Safeguarding emotions • Condensing cleverly • Not testing user patience • Targeting vital content • Design for Content and for Customers • Allow for Mobile Access • Make Your Site Accessible • Incorporate Responsive Design Features

  5. Points To Keep in Mind Before Designing Your Webpage • Always look trustworthy and professional and showcase positive aspects of business • Information and products should be easily accessible by users • Make website SEO friendly • Incase the business requires online payments, ensure you have secure payment gateways • The website should be easily updatable to be up to date with the latest designing trends.

  6. Process To A Proper Web Design • Website should have a professional, catchy and brand focused design. • It should be properly developed and functional. • It should involve SEO activities in web design.

  7. Website Designing Companies There are many professional web designing companies, that help to design an informational and user-friendly website. It is good to hire a website designing company for create a good and effective website that will help you to increase your existing business or start a new business.

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