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Vtacled - Europe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vtacled - Europe

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  1. LED Light Bulbs- Know the Benefits The technology of LED lighting is gradually revolutionizing the market thanks to the numerous benefits of LED light bulbs. There is a reason for this. Incandescent light bulbs turn extremely hot, even as they emit light – for 90% of the electrical energy is converted to heat. No wonder, homeowners, shopkeepers and corporate bosses are turning to LED lighting fixtures as their favorite energy-saving alternatives. You can also buy LED strip lights in France. Fluorescent lights have another drawback as they are rich in mercury. As some of you might be already aware, mercury is really hazardous for human health. In addition, these bulbs are more prone to breaking! And once fluorescents break, the neurotoxin component taints your office walls or the interiors of your homes. Continue reading to unearth why your Outdoor Light Fixtures in Germany should comprise LED bulbs: #1. Reduction in Maintenance Prices: Have you installed LED Light Bulbs for office? If you have, you need not worry about replacing it anytime soon. LED lights are durable and can be used successfully for upto 20 years. If you operate these bulbs continuously, they would have a lifespan of 11 years. But, if you use them just about 50%, they would serve you for 22 years! #2. Environment-Friendly: The best part about LED light fixtures is that they do not contain any toxic materials that might harm the environment. The LED lights are completely recyclable. Therefore, they enable you to cut down on your carbon footprint to a large extent. #3. Provide Instant Lighting:

  2. Another brighter side about LED lighting is that they are known to offer instant illumination. When you switch them on, they emit light instantly. This is why they are great to be utilized as traffic signals. But, fluorescent lights keep flickering when they are powered on. #4. Noise-Free: Office spaces should be noise-free areas that enable employees to concentrate on their tasks. But, fluorescent tubes are really noisy, particularly if they are utilized for a longer duration of time. The low buzzing sound produced by them is irritating! LEDs are silent lights that never produce any sound. #5. Minimize Electricity Bills by 90%: LEDs use much lesser power if you compare them to traditional electrical fittings. They require only a fraction of the energy that is required by ordinary incandescent bulbs, in order to produce the same amount of light. Thus, if you install outdoor light fixtures that are LED bulbs, you can reduce at least about 90% of your electricity bills. Hope you contribute to your environment by installing energy efficient LED bulbs in your homes and corporate areas! Great LED spotlights for bathroom & kitchen Changes keep on happening with time. Some are good and some are bad. A few changes can lead to a complete revolution. Such a revolution has been observed in the lighting industry. I am referring to the invention of LED technology. This has been a great boon for everyone. There are many varieties that are offered to the general public by the inventors of LED technology. Spotlights have grabbed a lot of attention because of its unique nature. Lets take a look different kinds of LED Spot lights in France. The Fresnel spotlight- These spotlights are very well used for larger coverage of a room. Bathrooms can be well light up with the use of these lights because they alone can give just the right amount of light required in the bathroom. 1. The ellipsoidal spotlights- Just like the Fresnel spotlights, the ellipsoidal lights have the tendency and capability to light up a room completely or just concentrate on particular portions. If your bathroom has divisions or separations then these lights can work great for you because. When lit up for a concentrated area, they look the best. 2. The Plano convex bulb- This is the earliest form of spotlights which were convex in shape and had a simple covering. With new developments, the use of these bulbs have become very less. 3. These above mentioned spotlights can work really well for your bathroom so buy these LED Spot lights and enjoy the lovely aura.

  3. Enhance the Decor with the LED Strip Lights for Bedroom Colorful led strip lights in Germany, when done right can look amazingly cool and modish. LED strip lights have become one of the most common illumination ways being used by people to enhance the décor of their entire home including the bedroom. Moreover, there are many people who are ditching the traditional Christmas lights for LED strip lights as they give your home a cleaner, arranged and beautiful look. The features which make LED strip lights a big hit are their thinness and flexibility. Also, they are quite functional. This implies that if you do not want them for decoration purpose, you can also use them to shed a little light under the bed or on the back of your fridge to assist the children during the dark. LED strip lights can be used in a number of ways and the options in your home where you want to put the LED strip lights are limited only by your imagination. You can use them a number of creative ways. For instance, if you want to give your open riser stairs a trendy look, you can use the LED strip lights in any colour that goes perfectly with the overall décor. They enhance the over aesthetics of your home or bedroom, and at the same time they highlight the gaps between the stairs which can be treacherous, especially at night. Also, if you have bar counter or a fireplace in your bedroom, you can illuminate the edges with the LED strip lights. While adding a strip of LED lights under the cabinets or on the edges can be completely functional and help you visualize the things a little better in the dark, getting a multi-colored strip LED light will look very chic and trendy as well. LEDs hav emerged as one of the best illumination solutions in the past few years owing to the colossal set of benefits offered by these. The best thing about LED lights is that they are eco-friendly and do not contain any harmful or toxic substances in them, which makes them highly safe lighting option to use in a house with children. Vtacled offers a wide array of stylish and voguish LED strip lights and also offers the convenience to Buy LED Strip in France. Simply, by visiting the Vtacled website, you can choose from the thousands of options available there and with a few clicks, your purchase will be over. This is an extremely hassle free way of shopping the LED lights as your purchased LED lighting products get delivered right at your doorsteps.

  4. Enhance your home décor with beautiful and decorative led bulbs LED lights, an extraordinary amalgamation of technology and sophistication can now be used to decorate your home. LED based led light panel in Germany can add an extraordinary glamour to your home whilst ensuring the considerably lower power consumption. A few years back, only the conventional tube lights and tungsten wire bulbs were used for illumination purposes. While they served their purpose aptly, but the high electricity consumption, lack of eco-friendliness and several other factors paved the way for LED lights. LED lights are not just useful, but ideal for the decoration purposes as well. The LED Bulbs can add an extraordinary glamour to your home. LED bulbs and decorative strips are available in a variety of designs, styles and colours which make them perfect for energising your mood and recreate any style. Whether you are seeking creepy dark blue lights for your Halloween party or want to decorate your home with bright coloured lights for a party or any festival, the options available in decorative LED lights are endless. Moreover, these are very easy to install, and thus, you can light up any surface, wall or corner of your home and enhance its aesthetic appeal. The LED lights consume far less energy as compared to their traditional counterparts, so you need not to worry about your electricity bills. Visit Vtacled for an irresistible selection of LED lights perfect for every occasion. You can buy these online at highly affordable prices and your ordered LED light products will get delivered to your doorsteps effortlessly. So, get ready to light up your home with illuminating decorative LED lights.

  5. Vitalpoints to Consider Before Buying LED Lights LED strip lights are an astounding way to light up your home and enhance the overall ambience with a touch of modishness. LED strip lights, with different colours don’t just illuminate the edges, but also enhance the aesthetic appeal magnificently. However, if you are going to purchase the LED lights or your living room, there are few points which you must consider. Consider Lumens instead of wattage. Many of us, who are accustomed to buy the conventional incandescent lamps have always bought them using the wattage as metric of performance, but it is not the same as LED lights. Lumen is the metric that can help you evaluate how the LED light will perform and what amount of brightness it will deliver. Another vital point which you must consider before you finalize your purchase of an LED strip light is the colour of the light. The incandescent light bulbs or CFLs used to give only a typical coloured light, but LED are capable of delivering light in a range of diverse colours. So, always check the colour that can complement your décor or illuminate the surface in the right manner. Also, when you are going to buy the LED strip lights, you would need to install them carefully. Often, the LED Lamp and other spaces are equipped with a glue tape and all you need to do is uncover it and place it on the surface. However, you need to check the installation method before making the purchase to ensure that the strip lights re easy to install or not. One of the most significant feature that distinguishes the LED lights from their incandescent counterparts is that the LED lights are dimmable. But, not all lights are dimmable. Thus, you need to check that the version of LED lights you are buying is dimmable or not, because owing to their unique circuitry, the LED lights may not be compatible with the conventional dimming switches. Most dimmers, which are not designed for LEDs work by cutting off the electricity. But, the LEDs don’t function this way. Thus, when you are shopping for the strip LED lights, it is helpful to know what kind of dimming switch you already possess and whether it will be able to work efficiently with your LED or not. When you consider all these points, you will surely be able to buy the right LED strip light for your home and save a great amount of money. VTACLED offers a comprehensive range of LED strip lights.

  6. OFFICE ADDRESS: Xpress Technologies Limited 17 Willow Road I Colnbrook I Slough I SL3 0BS VAT No. 239 0560 10 Company No. 10048220 EMAIL: HELPLINE: 020 3750 0684