Acoustic windshield helps in noise
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Driving is a luxurious experience. Any kind of disturbance will limit the joy of driving. This article will tell you how to achieve a peaceful driving experience with the noise reduction properties of the glass used on windshield.

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Acoustic windshield helps in noise reduction

Roads with heavy traffic often have noise levels of around 70 dB. However, normally we

should avoid being exposed to noise levels with more than 25 dB. When driving, noise can

be caused due to the wind, road or engine.

The technologies developed in an acoustic laminated glass are developed to combat levels

of noise penetration in cars, which have an effect on people's health, causing disturbance

and stress. The noise sources mainly come from the sound of the car's engine, air and other

environmental factors. With some specific acoustic laminated glass, there can be an

improvement of around 3-5dB, which is quite perceptible to the ear. With lower noise levels

the driver will become less tired, and it will also make communication inside the vehicles

more comfortable, that helps in contributing to overall safety.

Acoustic windshield helps in noise reduction

What is acoustic glazing 70 dB. However, normally we ?

It consists of two or more sheets of glass that are bonded together with one or more

acoustic interlayers. These interlayers wakens the sound as it travels through the glass as it

acts as a noise-dampening core. Acoustic laminated glass benefits over normal laminated

glass from all the safety and security properties. Moreover, they also reduce the need for

heavier glazing, allowing car manufacturers to reduce vehicle weight.

Acoustic windshield helps in noise reduction

Style and taste of acoustic glass 70 dB. However, normally we

For many people a car is a reflection of their desired image or style, as it expresses who they

are and the type of things they enjoy. The car's glass is a reflection component of this. As

some people prefer the privacy with darkly tinted glass and others like more light and


Manufacturers are continuously developing advanced glass shaping techniques. That allows

the bending and shaping of the glass to offer car makers the freedom to achieve their design

and style concepts. According to the specific design characteristics, the glass manufacturers

also offer a range of different colours (e.g. green glass, dark tinted, etc.) that contribute to

the car's harmony and make the car model unique.

Acoustic windshield helps in noise reduction

Properties of acoustic glass 70 dB. However, normally we :

Acoustic glass, specialized PVB interlayer dampens external sound, helps in preserving its

aesthetic appearance it provides high-performance, durability, and multifunctional benefits.

The reduction in noise properties counterbalances the requirement for thicker and heavier

glass. The design of acoustic glass is as follows:

Three layers of PVB (Polyvinyl butyral) film in acoustic glass

The external two layers made up of normal PVB layer

There is one inner layer with specialized PVB composition that dampens acoustic and

mechanical vibration

Acoustic windshield helps in noise reduction

Identification of Acoustic Windshield 70 dB. However, normally we –

In case of damage the car insurance companies need to identify an acoustic car glass. Many

manufacturers use the word “acoustic” or an “A” to identify acoustic windshield. Others use

a specific product name or no designation at all. The identification of the windshield is

important to respect the integrity of the windshield’s original design.

The windshield consists as the main part of aerodynamic noise. It has the big area that is

established under a big angle of attack to the running stream and directly contacts to salon.

An acoustic windshield uses the damping polymer at speeds from 80 to 160 km/h that is

considerably the best indicators of noise absorption in the range from 500 to 5500 Hz. It is

now possible to increase acoustic comfort of the driver and passengers at regular and also

high city speeds. This is possible with a solution of a resonance problem of a windshield. The

durability of a windshield is defined by the range of temperatures for safety and has to


Acoustic windshield helps in noise reduction

Other benefits of Acoustic windshield 70 dB. However, normally we :


The use of thin glass makes a considerable contribution to economy of mass of the

car that, in turn, affects dynamics, fuel consumption and harmful emissions in the


A lighter windshield reduces the weight of the vehicle that increases MPG and

reduces the Carbon dioxide created by the engine.


In this urbanizing society, sound is one of the most significant causes of stress and fatigue. In

cities developing as metros such as Agra, Amritsar etc., and experts suggests that acoustic

windshield is highly recommended. Nowadays, people spend most of their time in their cars

and would like a quieter environment while driving. Acoustic glass enhances acoustic

comfort and peaceful drive.

Acoustic windshield helps in noise reduction

Thank you, 70 dB. However, normally we

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