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Role of WiSens® Classic SNA in Wireless Sensor Networks PowerPoint Presentation
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Role of WiSens® Classic SNA in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Role of WiSens® Classic SNA in Wireless Sensor Networks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Role of WiSens® Classic SNA in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Wireless Sensor Networks: An Opportunity

  • IDTechEx research, in its report “Wireless Sensor Networks 2011-2021”, has mentioned that wireless sensor networks will grow from $0.45 billion in 2011 to $2 billion in 2021!
  • While, this is a great opportunity for those in the WSN business, that is, from the chip vendors to WSN solution/services providers, this opportunity comes with a list of practical challenges too.

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Challenges in WSN

  • A need for a compact intelligent tool for
  • Checking the functionality, performance of the WSN application during development phase
  • Installation and commissioning challenges
  • Monitoring a post-commissioned operating WSN without any failure, and, more than that,
  • Enable the support team, to take corrective action when there are failures


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WiSens SNA

  • WiSens®Classic Sensor Network Analyzer is a diagnostic tool specifically designed for monitoring IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Pro protocol based wireless sensor networks.
  • WiSens® Classic Sensor Network Analyzer captures and stores frames exchanged between multiple devices in a WSN and, display those frames in a user readable form.
  • WiSens® Classic Sensor Network Analyzer, with its rich feature set, realizes mitigating the above said challenges that are common in any ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 based Wireless Sensor Networks.


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WiSens Classic SNA: Key Features

  • Capture and display frames from over-the-air and display the same on the screen in real-time with milliseconds and even microseconds granularity between successive frames
  • Display frames with layer-wise field details (MAC layer, Network layer, Application layer) including the dynamic choice to see LQI or RSSI value in each frame
  • Store captured frames in .zps format for future analysis and trouble-shooting
  • Filtering options to select specific frames, nodes to zero-in on any error conditions quickly
  • A node-wise graph of frames transmitted against time


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