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Neil Dhillon: Managing Director PowerPoint Presentation
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Neil Dhillon: Managing Director

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Neil Dhillon: Managing Director - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Neil Dhillon was the Senior VP at Hill & Knowlton for six years. While there, he managed a large policy staff and led daily outreach to Congress, the White House, state governments and assorted government agencies. He also managed high-profile clients such as NASSCOM, Ford Motors, Hewlett-Packard, The International Olympic Committee, Coalition of Commercial and Investment Banks and many more.

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Neil Dhillon: Managing Director

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Neil Dhillon: Managing Director

Neil Dhillon is a strong and charismatic managing director with over two decades of experience in public affairs and policy. He has worked in both government organizations and private businesses. He was recognized for winning many public affairs awards throughout his work at Hill & Knowlton, and has also received honorable mentions from top political leaders for his professional abilities.


Neil Dhillon: Executive Leader

Throughout all of his professional endeavors, Neil Dhillon has exemplified the qualities of a leader. He is smart, collected, calculated, charismatic and organized; the kind of person that any employee would want to work under. He has led both large and small staffs to success through being a strong communicator and strategic thinker.


Neil Dhillon’s Many Areas of Expertise

Neil Dhillon is a highly skilled managing director and executive leader who specializes in a number of fields. He displays levels of expertise in government communications, policy intelligence, team leadership, training, risk assessment, business development, board management, strategic planning, lobbying, public affairs and budgeting.


Neil Dhillon’s Select Experiences

While Neil Dhillon displayed incredible success throughout his work with Hill & Knowlton, Ruder Finn, MSL Group and more, he has held many other high-level positions that his resume is too saturated to contain. He was the Chief of Staff for U.S. Congressman Bob Matsui, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Government Affairs for USDOT, and he was the Director of Media and Public Affairs for the American Academy of Actuaries.