Jeff Chowdhry: Involved in Community
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Jeff chowdhry involved in community

Jeff Chowdhry: Involved in Community

Jeff Chowdhry is no stranger to community involvement, having co-founded and formerly served as Trustee of the ‘India Children in Need’ organization for years. He believes in the value of charity, particularly when the organization seeks to be a source of support to those without the means to help and/or protect themselves. Jeff Chowdhry believes that every children has the right to fair and equal educational opportunity.

Jeff chowdhry involved in community

Jeff Chowdhry: Knowledgeable in Investment

As an expert fund manager, as well as someone trusted with the management of over 4 billion in investments, Jeff Chowdhry continues to demonstrate why he is one of the most sought-after and experienced emerging market professionals in the industry. Jeff Chowdhry, who is employed by F&C Asset Management, is a well-known and trusted name in both emerging markets and investment.

Jeff chowdhry involved in community

Jeff Chowdhry: Fond of Sports

When he’s not busy managing circa 4 billion in investment funds, Jeff Chowdhry takes time to enjoy the thrill of sport, particularly the contests of both soccer and tennis. An avid tennis player and passionate soccer fan, Jeff Chowdhry appreciates any opportunity he can to demonstrate his athletic skill, as well as to vie for victory with someone of equal athletic prowess and talent.

Jeff chowdhry involved in community

Jeff Chowdhry: Master’s degree

Jeff Chowdhry currently possesses a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Kingston University, an institution renowned for its MBA program and the first to be recognized as an AMBA accredited school. Jeff Chowdhry appreciates the opportunity he had to undergo the Kingston Master’s program, and to have received his MBA from one of the best schools in the country.

Jeff chowdhry involved in community