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SEO and Journalism

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Seo journalism l.jpg

Presented by

Arnie Kuenn (@ArnieK)


Michael Schwartz (@ValleyoftheSuns )

SEO & Journalism

Optimizing for search is critical l.jpg
Optimizing for Search is Critical

  • When someone types a keyword into the search box, there are only two possible outcomes:

    • They will find you.

    • They will find your competitor.

Twitter: @ArnieK @ValleyoftheSuns

Search marketing reality l.jpg
Search Marketing Reality

  • Organic search traffic can be so valuable, it can sustain an entire business.

  • Organic search rankings are something you can work to influence, but ultimately you do not control them. The search engine algorithms make that call.

Twitter: @ArnieK @ValleyoftheSuns

Why be concerned about search l.jpg
Why Be Concerned About Search?

  • The #1 position will get clicked 43% of the time!

Source: Did-it, Enquiro, and Eyetools.

Twitter: @ArnieK @ValleyoftheSuns

How does search work l.jpg
How Does Search Work?

Bot or Spider

Twitter: @ArnieK @ValleyoftheSuns

Slide6 l.jpg

What Do the Search Engines Look For?

Title tag

H1 tag



Meta Description

Award winning SEO Link Building Services. Vertical Measures is a reputable, USA Internet marketing company helping businesses get more website traffic thru higher search engine rankings, link building, social media, local search, and search engine optimization.

Twitter: @ArnieK @ValleyoftheSuns

Search engine results l.jpg
Search Engine Results

Indented Listing

Local Listing

Twitter: @ArnieK @ValleyoftheSuns

Create good content l.jpg
Create Good Content

  • Build articles around your keywords

  • Add real value to the reader

    • Unique

    • Informative

    • Entertaining

  • Who do you link to?

    • Good neighbors

    • It’s your reputation

    • Get links back!

Twitter: @ArnieK @ValleyoftheSuns

Proper on page optimization in order of importance for 2010 l.jpg
Proper On-Page Optimization(in order of importance for 2010)

  • Links - internal & external

  • Freshness of content & keyword usage

  • Title tag (viewed in results)

  • Image Alt text

  • H1 tag

  • Description meta tag (viewed in results)

  • URL structure

  • Page load times (Google Caffeine)

Twitter: @ArnieK @ValleyoftheSuns

Biggest factor is still inbound links l.jpg
Biggest Factor is Still Inbound Links

  • The best links:

    • Are from trusted sites

    • Have proper anchor text

    • Have varied anchor text

    • Are from many different domains (new 2010)

    • Determined editorially

Twitter: @ArnieK @ValleyoftheSuns

How does social influence rankings l.jpg
How Does Social Influence Rankings?

  • Real-time links (Twitter & Facebook)

  • Social news links (Digg, Reddit, Delicious)

  • Can influence the actual rankings for your articles

    • Provide Backlinks (but short term value)

    • Mentions & Signals

Twitter: @ArnieK @ValleyoftheSuns

How to appear in google news l.jpg
How to Appear in Google News

  • Need to submit your URL to Google first

  • Article URLs must be:

    • Unique

    • Permanent

    • Display a three-digit number

  • To see if a site is already included in Google News, type [ ], into the search box and click "Search News."


Twitter: @ArnieK @ValleyoftheSuns

Recommended plug ins l.jpg
Recommended Plug-Ins

  • All-In-One SEO Pack

  • Feedburner Feedsmith (RSS feed)

  • Google XML Sitemaps

  • Social Bookmarking Reloaded (or similar)

  • Wordpress Mobile (or similar)

  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (adv.)

  • podPress (podcasting)

Twitter: @ArnieK @ValleyoftheSuns

An example of a linkworthy article l.jpg
An Example of a Linkworthy Article

  • Links are the currency of SEO.

  • Interview the people who would create the buzz/get you links and tweets.

  • For me that included Peter Robert Casey, a top-10 NBA tweeter, and Suns VP of digital operations, Jeramie McPeek.

  • Results

    • 40 backlinks (,,,

    • 43 tweets (including one from the @NBA account)

    • PR4 page

Twitter: @ArnieK @ValleyoftheSuns

Headlines for seo l.jpg
Headlines for SEO

  • Consider using different headlines for print and online (LA Times).

  • Sprinkle keywords into your headlines, especially at the beginning of them.

  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool – shows what people are searching.

  • BUT use your knowledge of the news cycle to understand when a keyword/topic is hot, it might get a much larger amount of searches.

  • Think ahead of what people will be searching.

Twitter: @ArnieK @ValleyoftheSuns

Different ways to get on page 1 l.jpg
Different Ways to get on Page 1

  • For some keywords, it could be impossible to rank on Page 1 for an article.

  • For example, I can get an article to rank on Page 1 for "Amare Stoudemire trade rumors," but not "Amare Stoudemire."

  • The former search is valuable NOW (timely), but not usually.

  • News Results at top, Social Circle Results at bottom (HUGE for traffic).

Twitter: @ArnieK @ValleyoftheSuns

An average month nothing targeted l.jpg
An Average Month, Nothing Targeted

  • Dec. 27-Jan. 26

    • 28,167 unique visits (900/day)

    • 16.7 percent from search (about 4400, or 140/day)

  • Got one day of nice traffic from "Tracy McGrady," for a trade story involving him.

Twitter: @ArnieK @ValleyoftheSuns

A focus on amare related keywords l.jpg
A Focus on Amare-Related Keywords

  • Jan. 27-Feb. 9

    • 28,290 unique visits in 13 days (2150/day)

    • 25 percent from search (about 6776, or 500 a day)

  • Top 3 and 7 of the top 10 relate to Amare.

  • When people are searching a hot topic, make sure they find you and not your competitor.

Twitter: @ArnieK @ValleyoftheSuns

Free seo resources l.jpg
Free SEO Resources

  • SEO Educational Videos:


  • Online Marketing & Related Webinars:


  • Expert Interview Series:


Twitter: @ArnieK @ValleyoftheSuns

Slide20 l.jpg
Q & A

Contact: Michael Schwartz

[email protected]

602-314-3471 (direct)