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compare best milan tour attraction from n.
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Compare Best Milan Tour & Attraction From PowerPoint Presentation
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Compare Best Milan Tour & Attraction From

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Compare Best Milan Tour & Attraction From
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Compare Best Milan Tour & Attraction From

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  1. CompareBest Milan Tour &Attraction

  2. Where To Visit In Milan? Milan has a diverse known for people and cultures. It is also known as one of the best tourist spot for the people. There are a numerous place to visit in Milan. Stay with Tripindicator to get the ultimate packages to visit Milan. Go through this slide to get our all packages.

  3. Comparing Top Milan Tourist Attractions Deals The best part about a visit to Milan is its fantastic location. Situated in Northern Italy between the stunning Tuscan Province and the gorgeous Mediterranean coastline, and just a short distance from the Swiss Alps. Naturally, there are a number of day trips available from Central Milan, so outdoors lovers can escape the city on full-day excursions to Cinque Terre National Park, Lake Guarda, to the ‘Floating City’ of Venice, and even ride the Bernina express to the heart of St Moritz.On this page we have made a detailed comparison of Milan’s top-rated city tours, including Hop-On Hop-Off sightseeing tours, walking tours, Segway tours and city excursions. For your convenience, we have included a price comparison from 4 reputable tour companies and the recommendations of real travellers.To learn more,visit here:-

  4. 1) Milan History And The Last Supper Tour Half-Day Ticket It is a chance to see the most famous painting of the Renaissance era without waiting in long lines. This city tour is aimed at people with a passion for Italian art and history.It is useful for people with a short amount of time in the city. Suitable for adults, children or seniors. Ticket price : 68€ Reviews : 5/5 (72 reviews) Duration : 3 hours.

  5. 2) Milan Duomo And Terraces Ticket It is a chance to climb to the terraces, marvel at fine sculptures and city views. If you're keen on stunning city views and not so keen on long queues then this ticket is for you. A good option for budget travellers or people on a tight time frame. Ticket price : 21€ Reviews : 4.5/5 (5,184 reviews) Duration : 2 hours.

  6. 3) Last Supper Skip-The-Line And Best Of Milan Tour Ticket If you interested in renaissance art but would also like to learn about the modern city then this is the tour for you. You'll also pass by Sforza Castle, La Scala Theatre, the fashion packed Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and, of course, Milan Duomo. Suitable for solo travellers, families or small groups.Ticket price : 69€ Reviews : 4/5 (26 reviews) Duration : 3 hours.

  7. 4)Skip The Line: Da Vinci's Last Supper And Milan Sightseeing Tour Ticket This tour will take you to the most important spots in the city in just 3.5-hours. A varied and compact tour, this combo experience is great for anyone on short city breaks. A chance to learn about one of Italy's most prosperous city's. Suitable for friends, families or solo travellers. Price : 69€ Reviews : 4.5/5 (100 reviews) Duration : 3.5 hours.

  8. 5)Milan Art Tour And Last Supper Ticket This is an opportunity explore the historic and modern art scene in Milan and visit one of the world's most iconic paintings. If you've got a passion for art, as well as history, and an interest in discovering the main sights of Milan then this tour is perfect for you. Convenient for anyone who wants to visit The Last Supper. Suitable for children as well as adults. Price : 61€ Reviews : 5/5 (81 reviews) Duration : 2 hours.

  9. 6) La Scala Theater And Milan Museum Tour Ticket One whole hour to learn about the theatre and the productions which have taken place here with an expert tour guide. If you interested in the arts or simply love going to the theatre then this is the right tour for you. Right for people who are interested in historic buildings, classical music and opera. Price : 29€ Reviews : 3/5 (15 reviews) Duration : 1 hour.

  10. 7) Milan Segway Tour Ticket The Segway tour is a modern, fun and fast-paced way to discover the city of Milan. If you're bored of the usual slow-paced city walking tours then the Segway tour offers a slightly faster alternative. Good for first-time visitors in Milan, the tour will cover a lot of the city centre. Not suitable for children or disabled. Price : 76€ Reviews : 5/5 (359 reviews) Duration : 3 hours.

  11. 8) Milan Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour: 48-Hour Or 1 Day Ticket It is a city tour which lets you choose the itinerary. If you're travelling with children, seniors, or disabled then this is a convenient option. Right for people who want to see a lot of the city without a fixed itinerary. If you will stay longer in the city then the 48-hour pass is better value. Price : 22€ Reviews : 3.5/5 (456 reviews) Duration : 24 or 48 hours.

  12. 9) Bernina Express And St.Moritz Day Tour From Milan Ticket This is an opportunity to make the journey on the iconic ‘little red train'. If you want to get a taste for the magnificent Swiss Alps but only have a short vacation time then this is a good option for you. Right for mountain lovers who only have a short time in Milan. A must for photographers and outdoors enthusiasts.Price : 131€ Reviews : 4.5/5 (1,687 reviews) Duration : 12.5 hours.

  13. 10) Milan City Sightseeing Tour Ticket If your time in this cosmopolitan city is limited then the 6 hour Milan walking tour is an ideal way to experience the city's highlights.It is a chance to entre Milan's Duomo, see The Last Supper, and tour the city with an expert guide. A comprehensive introduction to the city which is essential for first-time visitors. Price : 100€ Reviews : 5/5 (20 reviews) Duration : 6 hours

  14. 11) Lake Como Day Trip From Milan Ticket It is a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and visit one of Italy's most stunning natural lakes. If you want to travel stress-free to one of the most beautiful lakes in Northern Italy then this trip is for you. If you would like to take this tour in the summer then you should book in advance and come prepared with a sunhat and water. Price : 88€ Reviews : 4.5/5 (1,425 reviews) Duration : 10 hours.

  15. 12) Cinque Terre Day Trip From Milan Ticket It is a full-day excursion into the most famous national park of Northern Italy. You will travel by train to Vernazza, where you will again have free time for shopping and sightseeing before continuing by train to La Spezia and coach to Milan. Ideal for adventurous travellers, photographers and nature lovers. Price : 131€ Reviews : 4.5/5 (391 reviews) Duration : 13 hours

  16. 13) Venice Day Trip From Milan Ticket If this is your first visit to Italy then you'll probably want to visit more than one of this country wonderful cities.It is a full-day excursion from Milan to Venice. If you're short on holiday time and want to visit Italy's famous Floating City then this is a convenient option for you. This tour lets you do just that. Price : 131€ Reviews : 4.5/5 (243 reviews) Duration : 14 hours.

  17. 14) Skip The Line Milan Duomo Tour With Rooftop Access Ticket Meet at the entrance to Milan's most famous building, Duomo Cathedral, an architectural masterpiece which took a total of 600 years to construct. A comprehensive up not time-consuming tour of the Cathedral. A good option is you're looking for a compact and time-saving tour. A family friendly tour. Price : 39€ Reviews : 4.5/5 (81 reviews) Duration : 1 hour.

  18. 15) Serravalle Designer Outlet Shopping Tour From Milan Ticket This is a full day shopping extravaganza from central Milan to Serravalle Designer Outlet Centre. This is also a fun day out of the city for anyone who would like to take a pleasant bus journey through Tuscan countryside. If you love shopping for designer items and you love to catch a bargain then this is the perfect city excursion for you. Suitable for all ages however the shopping centre can be very crowded and therefore not ideal for young children. Price : 20€ Reviews : 4.5/5 (170 reviews) Duration : 8 hours

  19. 16) Casa Milan Museum Tickets The Casa Milan is a new interactive museum dedicated to the history of AC Milan. This is the perfect tour for sporting fans, particularly AC Milan supporters. Suitable for all ages, including children who will love the museum’s holographic theatre and gift shop. Price : 15€ Reviews : 4.5/5 (340 reviews) Duration : 1 hour.

  20. 17) San Siro Stadium And Casa Milan Museum And Hop On Hop Off Bus Ticket This is the perfect tour for sporting fans but you don’t have to be a football guru to enjoy riding the open top sightseeing bus thought Milan’s city centre. A fantastic opportunity to step inside two Milanese football attractions on a half-day tour. Great for children as well as adults. Price : 59€ Reviews : 4.5/5 (5,057 reviews) Duration : 4.5 hours.

  21. 18) Milan Wine Tasting Experience Ticket This is a casual evening experience that will introduce you to Milanese night life as well as the highlights of Italian food and wine. This tour is recommended for food and wine lovers and for people looking to discover Milan’s nightlife like a local. This tour is aimed at adults of all generations. Price : 40€ Reviews : 4.5/5 (34 reviews) Duration : 1.5 hours.

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