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IRCTC Railways Schedule Timetable – A Boon for Railways PowerPoint Presentation
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IRCTC Railways Schedule Timetable – A Boon for Railways

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IRCTC Railways Schedule Timetable – A Boon for Railways - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IRCTC Railways Schedule Timetable – A Boon for Railways

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. IRCTC Railways Schedule Timetable – A Boon for Railways TravelKhana

    2. Overview - The railway is a department handled by the Government of India. It has a number of zones that handle the complete operation of the railway across the nation. The Indian Railways has the largest network of railway that is spread in all the corners of the country. There are various categories of the trains such as express train, fast train and superfast trains. There are a number of cities where the railway station handles the millions of passengers every day. In the modern days, the railway has updated its system to a great extent which has made it more professional and service oriented. TravelKhana

    3. There are a number of new systems launched by the department to help the passengers get some vital information about the railway on their own with the help of the internet. TravelKhana

    4. The Schedule: The timetable is very important from a number of viewpoints. There are various timetable systems used by the railway. The oldest system is the drawing on the wall where the name of the train, the number of the train, the arrival and departure time of the train is mentioned. There are many stations where still this sort of time tables can be seen. There are other types of time tables that are in the form of a board stick on the wall and the same details are painted on it. TravelKhana

    5. At the big railway stations, there are digital timetables which work with LED bulbs. It provides information such as the name of the train, the timings of the train for arrival and departure, the platform on which the train will come or leave, and the train number. TravelKhana

    6. There is also an online timetable which one can check on the website of the TravelKhana with IRCTC train schedule utility. There is information such as name, number, train arrival and departure time, route of the train, various destinations on the route and the fare for various stations on the route. This time table is more useful than other sorts of time tables as one can sit at his home and can inquire about any train on any route and check the timings and stations on the route. TravelKhana

    7. The Utility: This system is much useful for the people who need to travel from one location to another. Due to this system, one needs not run to the railway station and stand in queue to get just an answer of few queries. With the help of internet, one can sit at any moment and check the time of any train across the nation. TravelKhana

    8. This system launched by the railway has been proved too helpful to the travellers, and hence, it has received overwhelming response from all the corners of the country. The IRCTC time table provided by the IT department shows accurate timings of the trains. The IRCTC train schedule is also helpful to the department as well as it has reduced the queries of train timings considerably as well as the hassles of the travellers. TravelKhana

    9. Thank You ! TravelKhana