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Adventure Travel & Travel Holiday Companies!

A leading travel company offering active and adventure holidays to exotic destinations. We offer the widest selection of adventure travel, small group tours, safaris and expeditions to most destinations.

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Adventure Travel & Travel Holiday Companies!

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  1. Natural Wonders Tours : What to Pack for an Adventure Tour Going on an adventure tour? Well, once you have booked your trip from an adventure travel agency, there’s only one thing left to do other than eagerly counting days to the day of your journey, and that’s to pack your bags! But often we find ourselves complaining of forgetting to bring a camera or not anticipating how many change of clothes we need. And though this simple packing mistake may not sound that big of a deal for any normal holiday, it can prove to be an issue when it is for an adventure trip. We have therefore compiled the ultimate list of adventure tour essentials to ensure you are prepared for your trip. A Day Pack Plan to take a waterproof day pack that’s tough, spacious and easy to carry on your back. Many day packs expand or compress down depending on your needs. They are a good size for your carry-on luggage and can be used for your daily touring essentials like your camera, rain jacket, snacks etc. They are also perfect for camping, trekking, overnight hikes, or overlanding where you cannot take your larger luggage. Versatile Clothes Choose 2-3 outfits in quick-dry fabrics that are well suited for any setting, country or urban. Zip-off hiking pants are very versatile as you can adjust your outfit as you go. Always travel with a lightweight rain jacket. Down jackets also pack down really small so if you expect cooler weather, this is a great item to have in your luggage. Pack less clothing – rather plan to mix and match key items to create multiple outfits. Another pro-tip is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. You will fit more in less space while preventing their scrunching. Extra Socks Also pack extra socks. It is very necessary to keep your feet dry and warm to prevent you from falling sick especially when you are adventuring in colder climates. Travel Towel Pack a lightweight and absorbent towel that can quickly get you dry in case of unexpected storms or a swim at a lake. Water Bottle The importance of a good, insulated water bottle cannot be stressed enough when on an adventure vacation. It is essential to stay hydrated with water or other beverages like glucose solution when needed. It also demonstrates you are an environmentally friendly traveler by avoiding purchasing plastic water bottles. Emergency Medicines It’s best to carry a small medical kit for your important medicines and emergency medical supplies. A few suggested items to include are anti-diarrhea medicine, adhesive plasters, eye drops, salt tablets, rehydrate (tablets you can drop in your water bottle are best), space blanket, antihistamines, cold or flu tablets, hand sanitizer and small water purifier. Sunblock Include a high SPF sunblock in your luggage even if its high cloudy mountain tops that you are visiting to save you from sunburn that could negatively impact your adventures. If you are snorkeling, make sure it is a zinc based sunscreen as that is the only sunscreen that is not a risk to the health of the coral. All Purpose Soap Instead of packing a perfumed or medicated hand soap plus a liquid soap for washing clothes, plus shampoo for hair; it is a good idea to pack an all-purpose, biodegradable cleanser that can wash all of the above items. Pocket Knife When on an adventure trip, you will be surprised to know just how important and handy can a simple pocket knife can prove to be, whether it be to cut a rope or scrape tree bark or even open a tin of baked beans. This does, however, need to be packed into your checked luggage. If you think you will forget to do that, leave it home! Sunglasses When rushing out the door, don’t forget your sunglasses. You don’t want to underestimate the blinding glare off the snow-capped mountains or sand dunes which make sunglasses an absolute must. Camera Rather than taking multiple cameras, try find one that will be waterproof for capturing those underwater snorkeling or diving moments, shockproof should you drop it while clambering over rocks, and provide video for those incredible moments you want to share with others. Trash bags You may laugh at this one but popping a couple of these in the corner of your luggage can make the difference between wet clothes creating uncomfortable rest of trip or being prepared for rain. Many adventures require you to transport your luggage on small boats, porter’s backs, horses or open vehicles where they are exposed to rain or waves. You may not realize this is in the itinerary ahead of time so having trash bags to put your luggage in will guarantee a happy tour. So, that’s that. Now start packing for your adventure tour without the fear of missing out on anything important. Resource: https://medium.com/@tomadventurer/what-to-pack-for-an-adventure-tour-13d0e2ecf248 Natural Wonders Tours 110 W. Woodrow Avenue, Belmont, NC 28012 Charlotte Website: naturalwonderstours.com | Phone : +1(704) 363-5740 | Email: info@naturalwonderstours.com

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