feel the difference edison pearls high quality but affordable n.
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Feel The Difference Edison Pearls - High-quality But Affordable PowerPoint Presentation
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Feel The Difference Edison Pearls - High-quality But Affordable

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Feel The Difference Edison Pearls - High-quality But Affordable - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our jewelry is always made of genuine pearls. Most of our partner farms are suppliers to high-end jewelry brands and stores throughout the world. \nSee More: https://www.timelesspearl.com\n

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high quality at a affordable price
High Quality At A Affordable Price

Edison pearls are the highest quality pearl you can find at an affordable price. They are made when pearl farmers place a round bead inside a mussel, creating a perfectly round and unblemished pearl.

why are they called edison pearls

Why Are They Called Edison Pearls?

The unique history of the name of the Edison pearls makes them even more fitting to Pantone Ultra Violet. Edison Pearls were first introduced to the market by Grace Pearls, a Chinese company run by Zhan Weijian. 

it came after years and years of research

 It came after years and years of research, and their methods are still guarded closely today. So while Ultra Violet lights the way to come (as Pantone.com describes it), Edison Pearls are, according to a New York Times interview with Weijian, “emblematic of the growing scientific and technological sophistication of Chinese pearl making.”

when asked where the name edison pearls comes

When asked where the name ‘Edison Pearls’ comes from, Weijian quoted the famous inventor Thomas Edison, who said: “There are two things which couldn’t be made at my laboratory – diamonds and pearls.

there s no doubt about the timeless beauty

There’s no doubt about the timeless beauty and style of pearls. They’ve been worn since the most ancient of times, and they still are. (Decades later, women still marvel at the stylish figure Audrey Hepburn made in the movie Breakfast.

so what better way to wear this year s pantone

So what better way to wear this year’s Pantone Color of the Year than in Edison pearls? It’s the new, innovative and high-quality pearl now available to the everyday woman, and their innovation – like the color – makes you wonder about what is yet to come in the timeless world of pearl jewelry.

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