how to recognize if pearls are good quality l.
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are your pearls of high quality? PowerPoint Presentation
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are your pearls of high quality?

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are your pearls of high quality? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on Acquiring high quality pearls need to have a methodical appraisal. Here are some tips.

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are your pearls of high quality?

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    1. How to Recognize If Pearls are Good Quality

    2. Right after diamond, pearl is the second girl’s best friend. And acquiring high quality pearls need to have a methodical appraisal. In this regards, you ought to have the fundamental knowledge on how to choose excellent pearls to ensure your investment.

    3. You must contemplate pearl size. Pearls are measured in millimeters and determined in 2 factors: the size of the nucleus and also the thickness of the nacre. Nacre is the layer that evolves around the nucleus. The one with thick nacre coating will have the elegance and shine for entire life even though the one with less nacre will have a low value since it is likely to discolor and will crack very easily.

    4. Another thing to consider is the form. The majority of cultured pearls are about 1% perfectly spherical. Those with round cultured pearls are the rarest and of high quality. To be able to check the roundness, roll a stand of pearls on a flat surface and if it runs smoothly and evenly, it is almost perfect.

    5. Pearl’s luster should also be tested. You may do it by standing up with your back to a light source and the clearer your reflection on the surface of the pearl, the greater the luster – and this means of a far better quality.

    6. Mainly because pearls are product of nature, they will have imperfections. But high quality cultured pearls are totally free of blemishes and near perfect – and this is of high value and high quality. Now that you have sufficient awareness on examining pearls, you can go out there and go shopping. And you can be sure that you will obtain the top quality that you deserve.

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