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Read our FREE reports & reviews on iPad Video Lessons PowerPoint Presentation
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Read our FREE reports & reviews on iPad Video Lessons

Read our FREE reports & reviews on iPad Video Lessons

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Read our FREE reports & reviews on iPad Video Lessons

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  1. Slide 1 of 4 : Read our review :Steve Jobs was an incredible man with amazing vision. He produced products that he loved on the basis that if they were good enough for him to love, then his customers would love them too. iPads prove that point as 67 million had been sold by April 2012! But we are not all as clever as Steve. So what he believed was simple and intuitive can be really confusing for us everyday iPad users. Simple tasks OK. But the more complex ones …… Oh dear!.... For FREE reports & reviews

  2. Slide 2 of 4 iPad Video Lessons Offer . com The more complex tasks do take a lot more than just guessing or intuition. Hold your finger on an icon for a little longer than usual, and all the icons wobble and flash. Also a small red circle with a cross appears on the corner of each icon. OK, you might guess that the red circle and cross is a ‘delete’ button. But what you might not guess is that it also unlocks all of the icons so you can slide them about to new positions. Or you can slide one icon onto another, whereupon the two icons are automatically moved into a new folder created automatically. And during this period you can also slide any icon from one page to another. These are things that you will only learn from someone else. In fact there are a whole range of functions and features that you will never find by intuition or by guessing alone. For FREE reports & reviews •

  3. Slide 3 of 4 So to get the best out of your iPad you have a number of choices:- You can attend classes, for example, in the Apple shop, during the hours they select, and you have to give advanced notice. One-to-one course costs $97 per year. You can download the iPad User manual for free, but at 144 pages, and rarely updated, that is definitely the ‘hard way’ to do things. Tedious and boring reading all 144 pages! If you don’t read it all, you will miss crucial items and explanations. Sorry!! iPad Video Lessons Offer . com For FREE reports & reviews

  4. Slide 4 of 4 iPad Video Lessons Offer . com • Or you can buy video lessons which you can play any time 24/7, on whatever you want [on iPad or PC] and you can rewind and replay complicated bits as many times as you like. And wherever you are – home, office, in bed, plane… • And set up a routine each day; sit down with a cup of coffee or tea, and watch a few minutes of video lessons each day. Soon you will progress from novice to expert! And this is a really easy, pleasant, and relaxing way to learn! So visit our website for FREE information, reports, and some interesting videos. Click Here! For FREE reports & reviews