roseville s new reading program and connections to gate l.
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Roseville’s New Reading Program and Connections to GATE PowerPoint Presentation
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Roseville’s New Reading Program and Connections to GATE

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Roseville’s New Reading Program and Connections to GATE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Roseville’s New Reading Program and Connections to GATE GTAC Meeting February 25, 2010 Goals for Tonight Describe the selection process. Broadly describe the adopted program/materials. Explain connections to GATE. Time for your questions. Roseville GATE Mission Statement

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goals for tonight
Goals for Tonight
  • Describe the selection process.
  • Broadly describe the adopted program/materials.
  • Explain connections to GATE.
  • Time for your questions.
roseville gate mission statement
Roseville GATE Mission Statement

To provide educational programming for our students so that continuous progress can be made toward student potential, and that academics must be appropriately challenging, engaging, purposeful and meaningful.

roseville gate
Roseville GATE

In addition, the following must be addressed in order for gifted students to thrive:

  • Development and application of social skills
  • Interaction with intellectual peers
  • Understanding of the meta values- beauty, honor, love, truth, justice and tolerance
  • Tolerance of abilities within themselves and others
  • Training in negotiating their own learning path
  • Altruistic expression
  • Creative expression experiences
  • Integration of humor and play
  • Relevance of learning to real life
roseville gate5
Roseville GATE

For the learning environment to be effective, the following is needed:

  • A climate of success for all students
  • Administration and colleagues need to make informed decisions and judgments
  • Open communication concerning gifted education
  • Support for gifted education through focused design and intent
roseville gate6
Roseville GATE

For educators to meet the needs of gifted learners, they need:

  • A studied understanding of the gifted learner's needs and ways of delivering to those needs
  • Regular interaction with other gifted education colleagues
selection process
Selection Process
  • Systems Outcome/Accountability Review Cycle (SOARC) is the process through which board policy is implemented
  • Committee – K-6 representation, principals, parents, non-classroom teachers, special programs
  • Selection criteria developed with input from various perspectives (including GATE)
  • Review of about 50 programs and 25 resources/supplementals – recommendations accepted
  • Invited input from groups and individuals (including GT lead teachers) beyond what district policy requires
  • Three final programs – samples to all elementaries
  • GATE: regular meetings with Mary, visits with GT lead teachers, review of sample materials with opportunity to provide input
general instructional approach of roseville s new reading program
General Instructional Approach of Roseville’s New Reading Program
  • Alignment to standards
  • Research-supported (esp. program authors)
  • Whole-part-whole instruction; explicit instruction; gradual release of responsibility
  • Small group instruction allows for flexible, fluid grouping; teacher as decision-maker
  • Interactive approach, critical thinking, integrated approach, variety
  • Excellent alignment to district’s PD (BAV, 6 traits writing, formative assessments, leveled books, flexible grouping, etc.)
  • Options presented for teacher choices within instruction, different time configurations
specific gate supports
Specific GATE supports
  • Rigby materials provided one of the widest readability ranges, wide range of genres
  • Gifted reader titles, William & Mary materials, book rooms/school collections extend readability ranges ~ direction to be provided around consistent/appropriate use of gifted reader supports
  • Lots of opportunity to write, express
  • Future SOARC phase (Assess & Gather Data) allows for opportunities to extend gifted reader supports