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Leisure Skills Development Interventions PowerPoint Presentation
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Leisure Skills Development Interventions

Leisure Skills Development Interventions

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Leisure Skills Development Interventions

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  1. Leisure Skills Development Interventions • Leisure Skill Development Section • An overview of interventions.

  2. Overview • The general idea for this section is to provide patients with opportunities to work on using leisure time productively/constructively.Interventions also offer opportunities to reinforce concepts taught in other sections - social skills and symptom management, for instance.

  3. Table Games • Table games introduce patients to a variety of common table games such as pool, ping pong, cards and various board games. Games are also available for patient use during open leisure times.

  4. Leisure Education • This intervention is aimed at increasing the individual’s understanding of the importance of a constructive leisure lifestyle.Activities are planned to encourage social involvement, self-actualization, and increase awareness of leisure resources. Each individual’s interests and needs will be evaluated with the intent of tailoring a program that can be followed post discharge.

  5. Community Integration • Community Integration offers an ideal environment to practice appropriate social skills and to provide staff with an opportunity to observe interactions in variety of settings.Trips are planned to various local sites that will allow the individual to experience realistic costs, active involvement in public situations, etc.

  6. Music Enjoyment/Creative Expression • Music groups can be for enjoyment or for facilitating discussions on the content of songs and how music affects our lives.Expression allows participants to utilize various outlets for personal creativity and the expression of emotions. Skits, music and engaging in theatrical warm-up exercises keep this an active group.

  7. Arts and Crafts/Hobby Development • These interventions focus on specific arts and crafts projects or on learning a new hobby that can be used while in the hospital or post discharge.Besides mastering a new skill, the environment offers opportunities to socialize as well as learning where to buy supplies and the costs associated with the activity.

  8. Team Building Initiatives • This intervention uses low ropes and initiative activities/tasks to promote team work, communication skills, coping skills, problem solving skills, build self-confidence, etc.A version of this intervention technique is applied for Leisure Application.

  9. Basic/Advanced Physical Fitness • This intervention provides patients with opportunities to participate at their physical ability level.The Advanced Fitness Program utilizes free weights, weight machines and cardiovascular programs.

  10. Outdoor Leisure • This intervention utilizes a variety of experiences involving outdoor leisure skills.This program offers basic angling education, survival, outdoor cooking, study of wildlife, camping and other outdoor activities.

  11. Glee Club • This intervention is guided by the participants. They are involved with providing two performances per year to other patients, family members and community members.Participants are involved with program content, costumes and props.

  12. Leisure skills learned in this section are an essential part of the total rehabilitative program. They not only prepare for the future, but provide for a better quality of life in the facility while preparing for discharge.