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Incident Action Planning PowerPoint Presentation
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Incident Action Planning

Incident Action Planning

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Incident Action Planning

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  1. Incident Action Planning A Skill Building Exercise

  2. Who is this man ? What is his significance to incident planning ? “Plans are nothing. Planning is everything”!

  3. Who is this man ? What is his significance to incident planning ? “No plan ever survives first contact with the enemy”!

  4. Things I’ve Often Heard: “We do this event every year”. “It’s such a simple event. We don’t need a plan”. “Thanks. More paperwork. Just what I needed”!

  5. Wisconsin ARES/RACESis a NIMS compliant organization That’s why we ….. Complete basic NIMS training. Complete basic ICS training.

  6. Incident Action Planning Incident Action Plan Every incident must have an Incident Action Plan (IAP) that: • Specifies the incident objectives. • States the activities. • Covers a specified timeframe, called an operational period. • May be oral orwritten.

  7. Elements of an Incident Action Plan Every IAP must have four elements: • What do we want to do? • Who is responsible for doing it? • How do we communicate with each other? • What is the procedure if someone is injured?

  8. Incident Action Planning Tools Wisconsin ARES/RACES Generic Incident Action Plan.

  9. Incident Action Planning Tools Incident Action Planning Forms:

  10. Incident Action Planning Tools Incident Action Planning Forms:

  11. Incident Action Planning Tools Incident Action Planning Forms:

  12. A Tabletop Exercise This exercise takes place in the mid-central ARES/RACES District. It takes place in contemporary times. The timeline is compressed. We may stop time for discussion. There are no stupid questions or wrong answers. The outcome in is your hands!

  13. A Tabletop Exercise • Kettle Moraine County • Largely rural • 1 City of 5000 • 1 IRLP repeater • 25 A/R members • 13 Technician • 8 General • 4 Advanced/Extra Badger County • Mostly rural • 1 Stand-alone repeater • 15 A/R members • 7 Technician • 5 General • 3 Advanced/Extra

  14. The Area of Operations

  15. The Area of Operations

  16. Organize The Group We need: A Badger County A/R Group. A Kettle Moraine County A/R Group. A Mid-Central DEC Group. A WEM HamShack Group.

  17. State Of The World Brewers 3-2 in NL Champ Series. Tea Party candidates well positioned in Wisconsin governor’s race. Computer hacker group known as Rampant Rangers threaten internet chaos. Iranian nuclear power plant goes online. October brings colder temps.

  18. Day One (evening) Inject Message #1: Badger County EC hears Kettle Moraine County EC on the Kettle Moraine repeater. This reminds him that an email message sent earlier bounced even through the email address was correct.

  19. Day Two (mid-day) Inject Message #2: Kettle Moraine County EC hears two people on the local repeater talking about intermittent problems accessing websites. He turns on his computer and connects to the ARRL website without difficulty.

  20. State of the World News Bulletin ! Multiple network news outlets report that the Rampant Rangers are taking credit for many denial of service attacks against commercial websites and claim to have disrupted several military networks. They promise more attacks in the future. Pentagon representatives have no comment to the report.

  21. Day Two (evening) Inject Message #3: The Kettle Moraine County IRLP repeater abruptly connects to then disconnects from several seemingly random repeaters in foreign counties. The Badger County EC while talking with his military son overseas on Skype suddenly looses his connection and can not restore it.

  22. State of the World Brewers win NL Championship ! Polls show republican candidate leading Wisconsin governor’s race. CNN & Fox News report that Microsoft, Norton, McAfee, and other executives are holding meetings regarding sudden, unexplained computer network failures.

  23. State of the World Rampant Rangers claim they will soon take complete control of the internet. Temperatures remain uncommonly cool for late October. Al-Qaeda announces support for the Rampant Rangers and promises financial support.

  24. Day Three (mid-morning) Inject Message #4: The Kettle Moraine County public safety network, a multimillion dollar 800 mhz trunked radio system, suddenly fails. The Kettle Moraine County IRLP repeater can not connect to other nodes. The WECOMM repeater will not connect to the rest of the WECOMM network.

  25. Day Three (early afternoon) Inject Message #5: The Kettle Moraine County emergency manager calls the County EC and asks if ARES/RACES can provide backup communications between the county’s 11 fire stations and the county communications and dispatch center from 6pm to 6am.

  26. Day Four (morning) Inject Message #6: Several phone calls to the Kettle Moraine County 911 center are misdirected to random phone numbers including 1-900 sex lines. Cell sites throughout the mid-central district become intermittently unstable or unavailable.

  27. Day Four (mid-day) Inject Message #7: The Badger County emergency manager asks the county EC to provide communications between the sheriff’s office, 7 police stations and 5 fire stations until further notice.

  28. Day Four (mid-day) Inject Message #8: The Kettle Moraine County emergency manager asks if ARES/RACES can continue providing backup communications in the county and provide communications to the governor’s office until further notice.

  29. State of the World The Brewers loose game 1 of the World Series. The governor declares a state of emergency and activates the State Emergency Operations Center. Executives of Cisco, NCR, Semantic, Microsoft, and other internet related companies work frantically to defeat unprecedented cyber attacks.

  30. State of the World The FBI raids multiple sites across the country and arrest persons who have allegedly hacked into key computer networks. Rampant Rangers claim they can not be defeated despite arrests of several of their key members. Sales of Halloween costumes, especially cartoon heroes, described as unusually high.

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