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Heinrich Himmler PowerPoint Presentation
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Heinrich Himmler

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Heinrich Himmler
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Heinrich Himmler

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  1. Heinrich Himmler www.auschwitz.dk/Himmler www.auschwitz.dk/Himmler

  2. Who Was Heinrich Himmler? • Head of the Gestapo • Head of Secret State Police (SS) • Overseer of the extermination at Concentration Camps history1900s.about.com

  3. Poultry Farmer? Himmler’s profession before he entered into the military Thought he could (reasonably) apply agricultural techniques to humans with respect to breeding www.ansi.okstate.edu/poultry/chickens/

  4. What was the SS? • Group of men intended to serve as bodyguards for the Nazi Leaders • Viewed by Himmler as an elite group that should maintain the characteristics of the supreme Aryan race www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/GERss.htm

  5. Himmler’s Inhuman Ideology -Believed that the world was overrun by subhuman races, and the superior race (Aryan) should return back to power -Intended to do everything in his power to see that this happen www.holocaust-history.org/short-essays/heinrich-himmler

  6. Step 1: • Encourage breeding among acceptable Germans • -Set up SS mating houses where women were kept for SS men to sleep with • -Aryan children raised in these houses

  7. Step 2: • Require all military personnel to have Aryan characteristics and heritage • -physical requirements: minimum height, proper bone structure, no Slavic or Mongolian characteristics • -Officers: Pure Aryan descent with proof back to 1750 • -Enlisted men: Pure Aryan descent with proof back to 1800

  8. Step 3: • Find other source of Nordic future history1900s.about.com -Took children who had Aryan characteristics from their parents and took them back to Germany for Germanization -Kidnapped children from Poland, Russia and the Ukraine -Total: 200,000 children stolen

  9. Step 4: • Uproot and Eliminate those of inferior racial background • There was a “Jewish Question” as in what needed to happen in order to remove this race from Europe

  10. Step 4: (cont) • Uproot and Eliminate those of inferior racial background -Uproot these people and move them East into Russia -Idea of moving them onto reservations www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/

  11. Step 4: (cont) • Uproot and Eliminate those of inferior racial background • -Trafficking inferiors out of Europe not efficient enough for Himmler • -Final Solution: Extermination first by mass shootings, then ultimately by gas

  12. Proof of Himmler’s Extreme Racial Ideas Archaeological excavations to find remains of the original Aryan Race www.bioch.ox.ac.uk Conducted by the Ancestral Heritage Society who also conducted the various terrible experiments on the people at concentration camps

  13. Proof of Himmler’s Extreme Racial Ideas (cont) The cataloguing of people around the world Wanted to prove that race could be judged by the color of eyes and the size of skull

  14. Proof of Himmler’s Extreme Racial Ideas (cont) Proof of origin of the Aryan Race believed to be a mystical place like Eden This is the Nordic myth of a lost continent that brought advanced thought and civilization to the world like Atlantis www.venezuelatuya.com/

  15. Proof of Himmler’s Extreme Racial Ideas (cont) Reincarnation of Ancient Aryan Leader Himmler believed he was the reincarnation of King Heinrich I who was a 10th century Saxon King

  16. Proof of Himmler’s Extreme Racial Ideas (cont) Wewelsburg Himmler’s castle in which he held secret religious ceremonies to honor the past Aryan Supremes www.wwiirelics.com/Kassel2003/Wevelsburg2.jpg