hitler s henchmen heinrich himmler n.
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Hitler's Henchmen: Heinrich Himmler PowerPoint Presentation
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Hitler's Henchmen: Heinrich Himmler

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Hitler's Henchmen: Heinrich Himmler - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hitler's Henchmen: Heinrich Himmler

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  1. Hitler's Henchmen:Heinrich Himmler Jimmy, Tristan, Pun.

  2. Biographic Information • Born: 7 October 1900 • Died: 23 May 1945 • Born in Munich, Germany • Roman Catholic middle-class family. • His father was Gebhard Himmler, a teacher, and his mother was Anna Maria Himmler, a devout Roman Catholic. • He had an older brother, Gebhard Ludwig Himmler, who was born in July 1898, and a younger brother, Ernst Himmler, born in 1905. • Himmler attended a grammar school in Landshut where his father was deputy principal.

  3. Nazi Party • From 1925 to 1930, he was propaganda leader for the Nazis in Bavaria, Swabia and the Palatinate. Himmler still needed an income as the Nazis were far from a wealthy party during the "Golden Era" of Weimar. • In 1929, Hitler selected Himmler to build up a unit that was to be Hitler's personal bodyguard - the SS. Himmler's instructions were simple - only the best would be good enough. • In 1929, this unit only numbered 200 men. From 1929 to January 1933, the violence and chaos on the streets most associated with Weimar Germany came from the SA. The SS was rarely involved in this. It's task was to protect Hitler. • In 1930, Himmler was elected to the Reichstag as Nazi deputy for Weser-Ems. He also spent his time expanding the SS so that by 1933, it had 52,000 men in it. Himmler also ensured that the SS remained free from interference by Röhm and the SA. Himmler created the Security Service lead by Heydrich whose original function was to be the ideal intelligence service to the Nazi Party. 

  4. Before the Nazi Party • In 1915 he began training with the Landshut Cadet Corps. His father made attempts to get Heinrich accepted as an officer candidate, using his connections with the royal family, and he was finally accepted with the reserve battalion of the 11th Bavarian Regiment in December 1917. • Was a member of the Freikorps at the time of the defeat of the Bavarian Soviet Republic. • His brother, Gebhard, served on the western front and saw combat; he received the Iron Cross and was eventually promoted to lieutenant.

  5. Role during the Nazi Party • Once concentration camps came into play, Himmler commanded the ‘Death’s Head’ which were the guards whom worked at the concentration camps. • Himmler was also given lead of the ordinary police, the RHSA, the General SS, the Waffen SS, the office for strengthening German hood, and the race and resettlement office.

  6. During and After the War • Himmler prepared the SS for a war and was in chare for the concentration camps. • After the war had ended, he was taken into prison by the British forces near the Danish border on the 22nd of May 1945. Himmler killed himself by taking in cyanide at the same time Hitler shot himself, to prevent being captured by the Russians.

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