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AS Leisure Studies

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AS Leisure Studies. Unit 2 – A People Business. How is this unit assessed?. 6 hour assignment completed in controlled conditions 4 x 1.5 hrs All notes will go into a preparatory folder You can use your preparatory folder in the exam You will submit this folder to me before the exam

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as leisure studies

AS Leisure Studies

Unit 2 – A People Business

how is this unit assessed
How is this unit assessed?
  • 6 hour assignment completed in controlled conditions
  • 4 x 1.5 hrs
  • All notes will go into a preparatory folder
  • You can use your preparatory folder in the exam
  • You will submit this folder to me before the exam
  • You will get it back for each exam
what will we study
What will we study?
  • provision for customer needs and expectations
  • key principles of successful customer service
  • staff and their communication with customers
  • the importance of the customer to the leisure industry
  • the significance of product knowledge in providing customer service
  • different methods used to evaluate standards of customer service
  • the development of customer service skills and their application in dealing with a range of customers with different needs
section 1
Section 1:
  • Provision for customer needs and expectations
  • To know why it is important for leisure organisations to produce effective customer service and how leisure organisations provide for different customer needs and expectations.
starter blank page
Starter - Blank Page
  • On your blank piece of paper empty your mind on the topic of customer service.
what is customer service
What is customer service?
  • Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.
why is good customer service so important
Why is good customer service so important?
  • increased sales or profits
  • more customers
  • a better public image
  • a competitive edge over other leisure organisations
  • a well motivated and efficient workforce
  • customer loyalty and repeat business.
customer service and quality
Customer Service and Quality
  • What do you think the difference is between internal and external customers of a leisure organisation?
  • In pairs – research one of the above (p118-120 Collins Leisure Studies) – you have 5 minutes to prepare to teach your friend about its main characteristics.
  • People who buy leisure products and services (customers) can be grouped in different ways. Brainstorm as many as you can think of.
  • Individuals
  • Groups
  • People of different ages
  • People of different gender
  • People from different cultures
  • Non-English speaking people
  • People with specific needs
match up
Match up
  • Each of you have a way of grouping people and a description – find the description for your grouping
  • Customers have needs and expectations which are listed below. When providing customer service to groups of people these need to be considered. Organise the needs and expectations listed below into order of importance.
  • welcoming customers
  • providing information and advice
  • providing help and assistance
  • providing security and safety
  • caring for customers by anticipating their wants and needs
  • providing a positive atmosphere.
  • As a group agree on an order of importance.
  • Download the mind map from:
  • Complete the mind map to give an overview what customer care is, why it is important and each target group and their needs and expectations.
  • Identify three things you have learned today
  • Identify questions you have
  • Identify 1 thing you already knew