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A New G o v e r n m e n t ! ! ! !. But First………. The Articles of the Confederation Last 8yrs Gave more power to states then central gov’t. Debt ~ gov’t couldn’t collect taxes ~ no way to get $ ~ couldn’t pay back $ lent for the Amer Rev ~ Owed $ to: other countries/private citizens

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A new g o v e r n m e n t l.jpg


But first l.jpg
But First………

  • The Articles of the Confederation

    • Last 8yrs

    • Gave more power to states then central gov’t

Troubles l.jpg


~ gov’t couldn’t collect taxes

~ no way to get $

~ couldn’t pay back $ lent for the Amer Rev

~ Owed $ to: other countries/private citizens


~no wanted to trade with the US b/c Amer didn’t have power to enforce any laws

Territorial Issues

- no1 would give Amer a break over land

- other nations gave amer nonsense over land issues

- states were fighting each other over boundaries & $


Accomplishments l.jpg

  • kept nation together

  • negotiated the Treaty of Paris 1783

    • ended the Amer Rev

  • Created 2 laws:

    1-Ordinance of 1785: sale of public land

    2-Northwest Ordinance: made a plan of how to govern new territories

Tell me wait don t nah go ahead l.jpg
Tell me….wait don’t; nah go ahead!

  • ppl liked not being told what to do, but wanted someone to help run things

  • wanted a stronger gov’t

  • farmers couldn’t make payments on land; were losing farms to the bank

Take off his head not really shay s rebellion l.jpg
Take off his head!!! (not really)Shay’s Rebellion

  • Daniel Shay (former militia leader) lead a group of angry farmers who lost their farms in Mass in 1786.

  • It was easily ended, but opened the doors for the discussion of a

    need for stronger central gov’t.

Constitutional convention l.jpg
Constitutional Convention

  • Meant to REVISE the Articles

  • Independence Hall in Philly, 1787

  • 12 of 13: sent delegates (RI did not )

    • 55 ppl (aka: founding fathers)

    • 1/2 lawyers/1/2 famers-merchants

  • George Washington president of the convention

  • James Madison: Secretary

  • no women, Native Americans, or African-Americans

My way no my way hey let s compromise l.jpg
My way!No, MY way! Hey let’s COMPROMISE!!! =)

  • New Jersey Plan:

    • all states have equal rep in gov’t

  • Virginia Plan:

    • rep based on population

  • Great Compromise:

    • divide gov’t into 2 houses

  • 1: upper house: senate ~ 2 reps per state

  • 2: lower house: house of representatives ~ based on population

    • these make up congress

Slaves what to do what to do l.jpg
Slaves….what to do, what to do?

  • South wanted slaves to count

  • North did not

    • Would mean south had more people in their the House

  • Three-Fifths Compromise!!!!

    • 3 of every 5 slaves count as a person for representation and tax purposes

      Everyone some what happy…see what happens when you work together!

Issues with trade l.jpg
Issues with Trade….

  • Ppl in the North wanted congress to regulate trade

  • Farmers in the South did not

    • feared losing money/slaves

    • no regulations until 1808

  • Congress decided to tax imports

    • regulate interstate and foreign trade

Lets start over l.jpg

  • Seperation of Powers

    • Executive: President ~ enforce laws (helped by VP & assistants) 15 executive depts.- leaders make up cabinet

    • Legislative: Congress ~ make laws, 2 houses

      • Senate 100 members

      • HoR 435 members (present day #)

    • Judicial: All courts ~ interpret the laws; Supreme Court (9 justices), 12 appeal courts/94

      • districts/ few “special courts”

Checks balances l.jpg
Checks & Balances

  • Legislative:

    • check Pres by not giving $

    • block new/get rid of agencies

    • Senate reject treaties (need 2/3 vote to pass)

    • reject presidential appointments

    • HoR impeach pres, then Senate does

    • Check Judicial by creating/abolishing lower courts

    • impeach federal judges

Checks balances16 l.jpg
Checks & Balances

  • Executive:

    • Judicial: pardon convicts/appoint judges

    • Legislative: veto (not sign) a bill

      • veto can be overridden by 2/3 vote in both houses

  • Judicial:

    • declare laws unconstitutional, then void them

    • Judicial Review declare laws/practices unconst.

Checks balances18 l.jpg
Checks & Balances

  • Checks on the ppl:

    • Electoral college (elects pres)

    • Judges appointed/senators (used to be appointed)

    • HoR: 2yr

    • Senate: 6yr

    • Pres: 4yr (2 terms in a lifetime)

    • Supreme Court: life or impeachment

We want it no we don t lets talk l.jpg
We want it…No, we don’t….Lets talk!

  • Federalist:

    • supported new const

    • reg trade/strong gov’t/help nations $ prob

  • Anti-Federalists:

    • anti new const

    • felt it didn’t protect fundamental rights

Ratifying the constitution l.jpg
Ratifying the Constitution

  • 9 of 13 states needed to approve for the new gov’t to take place

Lets be flexible l.jpg
Lets be Flexible!!!

  • Articles were to rigid, no way to change with the times


  • Constitution can be changed (amended) in 4 ways:

    1- Proposal by congress (2/3 vote both houses)

    ~ratified/accepted by ¾ vote of state legislature

    2- 2/3 vote both houses

    ~ratification ¾ Const Convention in ¾ States

    3 & 4 never used.

Anti feds wanted more rights for the people protected sooooo l.jpg
Anti-Feds wanted more rights for the people protected sooooo……

  • Bill of Rights: (1st 10 amendments)

    • created to get anti-federalist to approve the new Const.

    • restricts const, and grants individual rights

The bill of rights l.jpg

1: freedom of religion, press, & speech sooooo……

2: right to bare arms

3: no housing soldiers

4: no illegal search and


5: right not to

incriminate one self/ no double jeopardy

6: Right to a speedy & fair trial

7: Trial by a jury of your peers

8: No Cruel or unusualpunishment

9: Just b/c its not stated doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!

10: Everything in the Constitution is up to the states to interpret

The Bill of Rights

The end l.jpg

THE END!!!!!!!!! sooooo……

Now get ready to do a cheat sheet and have test =)

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