20 life lessons you don t learn in school n.
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20 Life Lessons You Don’t Learn In School PowerPoint Presentation
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20 Life Lessons You Don’t Learn In School

20 Life Lessons You Don’t Learn In School

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20 Life Lessons You Don’t Learn In School

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  1. 20 Life Lessons You Don’t Learn In School

  2. Brief Introduction Have you ever had a Ta- Ding moment when you realized something that already exists but the thought never crossed your mind? Same happens with everybody, but to whom it happens earlier, they are much wiser. This Monday I went to a cancer hospital for research on new cancer studies, I met some extraordinary people there. Most of them have been diagnosed with Stage-2 cancer yet there zeal and enthusiasm for living was like a 4 year old child. It’s when I had a chat with them I realized that it is what they think that they feel. So I kept chatting with them further and they gave me some real jewels of pointers on Life and what they have learnt. I believe these life lessons will be of real help to me in future and in the interest of knowledge sharing I thought I should share it with you guys as well. Here are 20 Life lessons you don’t learn in school and only come by experience. Sponsored by: -

  3. As you age, your looks and body will change, just roll with it & accept it anyways. Sponsored by: -

  4. Love is given by loved ones and not everyone has to like you for you to feel loved… Sponsored by: -

  5. Be your own best friend and you will be able to lead a more fulfilling life. Sponsored by: -

  6. Everything is interrelated, whatever happens to you in life is part of the bigger picture. Sponsored by: -

  7. Nobody can make you feel happy, it’s yours and yours responsibility alone. Sponsored by: -

  8. Don’t let an argument carry on in life and never hold a grudge. This will depreciate you as a human being and will make your mind and heart heavy. Sponsored by: -

  9. Revenge doesn’t works. It is a destructive process for people involved on both sides. Sponsored by: -

  10. Value and enjoy time with your loved ones, you don’t know whether you will see them the next day or not. Sponsored by: -

  11. If a relationship is a secret, you better not be in it. Sponsored by: -

  12. Forgive, forgive forgive.... no matter what it was, to whom it was. Set yourself free. Sponsored by: -

  13. Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick, your family and friends will, so stay in touch with them… Sponsored by: -

  14. It is so much important to believe in miracles. Life is full of it, you only need to believe in them to see them. Get outside and you will see. Sponsored by: -

  15. Get liberated of anything that is not beautiful, useful or that gives you joy… Sponsored by: -

  16. It is alright to have an ambition but it is also alright to be contented with what you have right now. Also envy is a waste of time and you already have all that you need. Sponsored by: -

  17. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up… Sponsored by: -

  18. Never settle. Make a habit out of it and aim for the best in life. Sponsored by: -

  19. You learn through your own mistakes and experiences, not by reading books on others life… Sponsored by: -

  20. Wear you best, drink that best champagne you have been saving now, burn the expensive scented candle, wear that expensive lingerie, for the only time you have, is now. Sponsored by: -

  21. Take deep breaths often and relax. Sponsored by: -

  22. Your beliefs are a filter for your reality… Sponsored by: -

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