Are You Killing Your Customer Service by Using These 20 Phrases
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Using These 20 Phrases can Harm Your Customer Service Business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In the call center business there are some phrases and terms those are like the forbidden fruit and must be avoided like the outbreak. These phrases, while they seem quite usual and common, are like ticking time bombs in the call center business. They might set off your client or put them off further. No matter what customers say or do, you really aren’t allowed to go out of control or snap back to the customer.

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Introduction Phrases

  • In the call center business there are some phrases and terms those are like the forbidden fruit and must be avoided like the outbreak.

  • These phrases, while they seem quite usual and common, are like ticking time bombs in the call center business.

  • They might set off your client or put them off further.

  • No matter what customers say or do, you really aren’t allowed to go out of control or snap back to the customer

Avoid These Phrases Phrases

  • Could You Please Repeat?

  • We Apologize

  • We’ll Call You Back

  • We Appreciate Your Feedback

  • You weren’t Talking to Me Right Now

  • You can do that Yourself

  • We will Look into It

  • That’s not my Fault

  • Interruption

  • We can’t Help You

  • You are Our Top Priority

  • Hold for a Little While

  • It is Our Policy

  • It’s Not in My Hands

  • Why Don’t You Visit Our Website

  • I Do Not Know

  • It’s the Manufacturer’s Fault

  • This isn’t My Department

  • May I Transfer your Call

  • You Made a Mistake

1. You Are Our Top Priority Phrases

  • Everybody knows that this phrase is an act.

  • Your customers know that you have a huge customer base and that you receive no less than a thousand calls each day.

  • They also know that you possibly repeat the same phrase to every customer that calls.

  • Substituting it with something like “We’re looking into it” will also do.

2. Hold for a Little While

  • Your clients are calling you up as they have come across a problem.

  • That also means they’re in a rush.

  • As a result, making them wait or hold the call would be rude.

  • It might so happen that all your agents are busy attending to calls.

3. PhrasesIt is Our Policy

  • You should be able to bend the rules and tweak the policy if your customers demand it!

  • The foremost rule of your policy is to satisfy the needs of your client, and you know it all too well.

  • This phrase shows that you are completely insensitive to the issues of the client and you just don’t care about them.

  • It makes the customers feel that they are speaking to a wall.

4. It’s Not in My Hands Phrases

  • It is expected from you that you are all set to answer irrespective of what the customer throws at you.

  • By saying this, you disclose yourself to be incompetent and unqualified to be dealing with customers.

  • It also makes the customer feel that you don’t care enough.

5. Why Don’t You Visit Our Website

  • Possibilities are they didn’t get their answer for their problem on your website or failed to access it.

  • Unable to do anything else, they called you up.

  • So asking them to visit your website shows you aren’t interested and is a tad bit unnecessary.

6. I Do Not Know Phrases

  • You’re the agent, you represent the company.

  • You are thus expected to know it all.

  • That is your one job, and you must strive to do it well.

  • Imagine a customer’s frustration when they call you up in a moment of panic and are looking for help and you greet them with an “I don’t know”.

7. It’s the Manufacturer’s Fault Phrases

  • When customers are buying your product, they aren’t checking the name of the manufacturer.

  • They’re looking at YOUR brand name and trusting YOU to live up to their expectations.

  • If there’s a defect in your product, it is your responsibility to fix it, not the manufacturers.

8. This isn’t My Department

  • When customers call you up, they don’t really care about departments.

  • You need to know the nitty-gritty of your cloud based call center solutions, little details about the product and so on.

  • This is the least your customers expect of you and it is your duty to live up to them.

9. May I Transfer your Call? Phrases

  • When your customer wants to share their problem and you reply with such statement, chances are that they get furious.

  • Your customers are not going to wait around as you pass them around from person to person.

10. You Made a Mistake

  • Clients don’t like to be blamed for the problem they are facing.

  • That’s not what they want to hear when they call you up.

  • They would like to hear the solution and would like you to be a little empathetic to their problem.

  • Don’t expect your customers to be too kind when you say this to them.

11. Could You Please Repeat? Phrases

  • Always be attentive and alert on the call.

  • Don’t ask client to repeat as it is quite outrageous and unacceptable to say the least. 

  • Part of being a rep in a call center cloud solutions company is being a good listener.

  • This is a skill that can be acquired and you need to start working on it from the very beginning.

12. We Apologize Phrases

  • Most people aren’t really sorry when they apologize.

  • Instead of saying sorry, start working on the solution as soon as possible.

  • That would be the best way of making up for your mistakes.

13. We’ll Call You Back

  • Even customers know that that almost never happens.

  • You might tell them you’re going to call them back and your customers might even trust you in good faith.

  • Eventually, you never get around to it.

14. We Appreciate Your Feedback Phrases

  • An auto generated response saying “thank you for the feedback” is pretty annoying to say the least.

  • Your clients are giving you with feedback for a reason.

  • Show them that you care and that you’re looking into it.

15. You weren’t Speaking to Me Right Now

  • Modern cloud contact center software allows you to have the caller’s information at your fingertips.

  • You can simply glance through it once before you speak to your customers.

  • Do not let them know that they are talking to different people.

16. You Can Do that Yourself Phrases

  • Telling them they could just do it themselves is not only rude but also insensitive.

  • If your customers could indeed do it themselves, then why would they call you?

17. We’ll Look into It

  • There’s a problem with the pronoun here.

  • The moment you use “we”, it creates an image of an invisible force working on it in the minds of the customer – and they aren’t sure if they can trust it.

  • Instead, use “I”…that always helps.

18. That’s Not My Fault Phrases

  • YOU are representing the company here.

  • If there is a problem with the product your company sells, then your company is at fault.

  • And as part of the company, it is your responsibility to accept the fact and deal with it in a humble and courteous manner.

  • Take the responsibility of the matter.

19. Interruption Phrases

  • When your client is speaking to you, worst thing you can do is cut him off in the middle and interrupt him.

  • Let your customer finish first.

  • You’ll get your chance to justify your point and defend yourself.

  • Once that’s done, your customer is in a better position to hear and process what you have to say.

20. We Can’t Help You

  • So your customer is talking about his problem and you reply him with a “we can’t help you”.

  • It might happen that you do not have answers to the customer’s questions.

  • Nonetheless, it is your job to ensure that you do whatever it takes to help them out or come to their rescue.

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